Wanna Be A Pattern Tester?

update: Thank you SO MUCH for the overwhelming response to this post!  Wyatt can thank you too because he got to go to a movie with Joel so I could respond to all the emails :).  All the tester spots have been filled, and emails are on their way with details!

I finally buckled down this week and got my printed Ruby Lou Doll pattern finished.  Now I just need to decide where to get them printed.  Any suggestions?  I’ve even ordered the bags to put them in — which come in boxes of 1000!  Yikes, that’s a scary thought…

Although the instructions and pattern pieces are the same for the PDF pattern, the format is a bit different since there are illustrations in the printed pattern rather than photographs.  That’s where some of you might come in.  I’m looking for some pattern testers.  Although you will need basic sewing skills, I need both beginner and experienced (I won’t say expert, because most “experts”wouldn’t call themselves that) sewers.

If you are interested in being a pattern tester, email me.  Let me know your skill level, your blog address if you have one, and anything else you think I might want to know!


  1. i emailed you, what a sweet doll!

  2. sent you an email… =]

  3. I know where to get cards, postcards, and even books printed, but I have never gotten a pattern printed!

  4. I don’t have Outlook so I couldn’t email you…

    I would love to test your cute CUTE pattern!

    my blog is http://theperfecttrio.blogspot.com and my etsy shop is jonahbonah.etsy.com so you can see my work.


  5. I emailed you… thanks a lot!

  6. Very cute doll. I e-mailed, too.

  7. I tried to email but it was returned to me. I would love to test your pattern though! My website is: http://www.web.me.com/thewilliamshousehold
    so you can see what Ive done but I would call myself a beginner. Thanks for your consideration!

  8. sorry forgot to put i’m somewhat a beginner.

  9. I just sent you an email. :) Hopefully I can be one of your testers.

  10. Okay so the last comment probably didn’t have a signature on it, my bad.

  11. I’m loving this doll. I sent you an email hope you pick me :)

  12. I sent you an email in case you are still in need. I love the dolls name because my family all calls me Lou.

  13. I would love to be a pattern tester. I would be at beginners level with patterns but maybe intermediate with sewing. My blog is crankystitches and you can e-mail me at shy _ shayla_ macc @ yahoo. com

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