Ruffle Curtains.

I made these curtains recently for my living room.  As usual, I was very undecisive with what to make, so this is what I ended up doing:
I bought plain white tab curtains from Ikea for $14.99.  I also bought a couple of yards of plain green fabric from Ikea that matches my wall-hanging:
I added three rows of ruffles to the top of each panel using a technique similar to the ruffles on the ruffle skirt (except my fabric was home dec weight so I had to gather it all by hand after sewing a basted stitch down the middle of each strip instead of letting the machine do the work for me).  Before I gathered the strips, I serged each long edge with white thread for contrast.  Then when I stitched the ruffles onto the panels, I used a basting stitch so I can rip them off in a month when I get sick of green ruffles in my living room.  They’ll still be plently secure since they’ll never be touched at the top of the curtains and give me the option of re-using the panels later for something else.

I then hemmed the bottom of each panel.  Unfortunately when Ikea says that each panel is 108″ long, that doesn’t mean that each panel is 108″ long.  I don’t even know if either panel was that length, but I can say they were definitely different lengths.  Also unfortunately, a natural fleck in the fabric can be confused with the line you made with a pencil to mark the hemming length.  You can imagine my happiness when I hung my curtains up and they were not only way too short, but also different lengths.

To make a LOOONG story short, I ended up adding a green panel (also sewed with a basting stitch) with exposed serged edges to the bottom of each panel.  I initially ruffled the green at the bottom but after getting them half done I decided it would just be too much ruffles.  I would never want my seam ripper to be left out of a project anyway.  Obviously the picture was taken pre-pressing and you can still see the remnants of my gathering fiasco :).

And that’s it!  It’s nice to finally have some curtains in my living room, I’m actually pretty sure I won’t be ripping the green off any time soon :).


  1. very pretty curtains!

  2. these are so beautiful. i love the ruffles

  3. Kudos! I feel inspired!

  4. ruffles and frills are my obsession of the moment!! the green looks great with the artwork : ) happy monday!

  5. I LOVE these!

  6. The pop of green looks perfect! :)

  7. I’m a sucker for ruffles on curtains. Love them and love the green!

  8. I love how your curtains turned out! The ruffles are pretty without being too girly. Great job.

  9. These ruffles are soooo stinkin cute…the curtains look outstanding! Hop over and enter my COASTAL GIVEAWAY…I think you will like it!


  10. Oh I love these ruffles ,,,,,,so cotton pickin cute!!! Would cheer up any room for sure! Please come over to MIdchix and link this project up in the Crafty Mamas Flock! Link it back to your site!!! LOVE this!

  11. Oh my goodness I so love your curtain. I so wish I could re-create that for our bedroom. I feel inspired thanks!

    Anything Blue

  12. they look very nice…what kind of serger do you have? do you like it? i keep thinking i need to acquire one one of these days…

  13. So cute!! The ruffle ties in the green panel at the bottom perfectly!

  14. These are so cute!
    Thanks for linking up!

  15. Your drapes are darling, I love the ruffles!

  16. They are adorable! I’m excited to make some curtains.

  17. Very beautifu and as well very creative work… ruffled are so cute that I am sure it enhance the beauty of your living room. well done…

    Please pay a visit, mauy be you an find something interesting for your home …Love

  18. So cute, I love ruffles – if I could, I would cover my house in them! Great job! ~Sam

  19. So cute!!! I love the green! :)

  20. Ruffles always make my heart go pitter-patter so of course I’m loving your curtian. Great job. I like it so much I think I’ll have to add it to my to-do list.

  21. Your curtains turned out great!

  22. oh my gosh i love those curtains!!! i may make some for my house- they came out sooo cute!

  23. Those drapes came out amazing!!!

  24. These look great!! Love this idea… I’m all about the ruffles right now! :)

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  26. They are wonderful!!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

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  28. I love these! You did a great job! Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper

  29. They came out great. I made a pillow case for my daughter with some ruffles. I need to take a picture and post it.

    Thanks for posting to the party.

    Have a great week.

  30. pretty curtains … I love your blog thanks

  31. Very earthy curtains! The color green can really refresh our tired eyes. And when you’ve got cool windows, you also must have curtains or other window treatments that will gild your room even more.

  32. Beautifully done…ruffle curtain look so smart…I really like it.

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  33. Ruffle curtains shown by you are beautiful. Thanks for sharing it

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