Nursing Cover and Wipes Case

My friend Allison is due to have a baby in the next few weeks, and came over the other day to have me teach her to make a nursing cover (my tutorial is here). It worked out well: “teaching” meant Allison doing all the dirty work of ironing and me doing the fun sewing parts (her choice, for the record).

She found her fabric at Hobby Lobby, I love how it looks vintage:
Much to our surprise, the kids were still being somewhat well-behaved after we finished her nursing cover, so I whipped up a quick wipes and diaper case (minus the snap — my tool was giving me grief for some reason that day).

I’ve actually never made a wipes case before, but now that I have, I wish I’d have been making them for years! They’re so quick and easy to make, and you can just wing it without resulting in disaster :).


  1. Do you have a tutorial for the wipes case?

  2. Very cute…wish I was as talented as you!

  3. You did such a nice job! I made the nursing cover for my sister and she loves it!
    Sarah here is a link for an easy wipes/diaper case at Noodlehead.

  4. awesome pattern! why you don’t give us more advices like this one please !

  5. It looks beautiful, love the pattern on it.

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