…By so many beautiful fabrics! If only I had more time in a day. I’ve got a busy week of sewing ahead of me, which is both exciting and always just a bit stressful :). What do you need to accomplish this week?


  1. I need to finish a dress and put together a tutorial on my blog this week! It’s been so much fun making it, but the work has just begun :)

  2. I need to make a prom dress start to finish and have it done by Friday plus report to Jury duty on Thursday.

  3. I also feel like I need more time in the day to sew! This week I am finishing a custom marker role, making two crazy creatures designed by some creative little ladies, and I’ve promised a friend a Harry potter robe and curtains that I haven’t delivered on yet! The sewing room beckons, but dinner needs to be made too! (I know which I’d choose but I don’t think my hubby would be happy with my decision!) :)

  4. Oh wow such beautiful fabrics, I quite like the idea of being surrounded by them lol

    This week I have lots of cards to make, a magazine thingy to do and some challenge dt items to complete. I am already behind, sitting here and reading blogs is far to addictive!

    Hope your week goes smoothly!

  5. sewing b-day outfits for my almost 2 year old twin girls!
    love the collection of fabrics in front of you!!

  6. I have some pillowcases that need to be transformed into dresses!!!

  7. I am making a custom tote for a friend’s mother.

  8. Working on a small quilt…then a mug rug for a swap and then hopefully a new spring purse for myself

  9. I have 2 0-3 month crochet jumpers to finish, oh and a blanket and some sewing projects I started and need to get finished. Head just spins thinking about it

  10. What is that fabric on the top? I love it.

  11. i am flying to Western NY to research for relocation!! i love the fabrics you have, and I am really liking how big turquoise is getting. it’s my fave color and looks so good with so many others.

  12. I am yet to emerge from my bedroom today and it’s midday… probably should start thinking about it hey? If I ever make it out, I need to eat food, and do groceries and then this week I need to get my giveaway posted and put stuff in my shop. Both things I’ve been putting off for a month now… so it’s likely they both won’t happen.

  13. Sara – the top fabric is the Bloom & Grow line by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake.

  14. Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for providing these details.

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