Heather Bailey Pattern Giveaway!

During all the Quilt Market festivities, I got to go to a fun meet and greet with Heather Bailey at Material Girls Quilts.

I purchased her Clara and Clancy Pig Dolls pattern that I’ve wanted for awhile, but of course I couldn’t forget about all of you! I made sure to get an extra pattern for one of you lucky readers, and Heather Bailey herself was nice enough to autograph it for you!

Can you get any cuter than these pigs in their little clothes?!

I really just want to say thank you for reading my blog. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t love it, and I’m so grateful for all of you that take the time to read it, comment, and offer so much great advice that I always need :). I also want you to know my sincere appreciation for all the friendships I’ve made through my blog and your blogs — you are some wonderful people!

Oh, and just for fun, I’ll throw in a Sew Much Ado pattern for three more winners. You’ll get to choose between:

To enter to win this giveaway, just leave a comment! Include your email address if it’s not linked to your profile so I can contact you if you win!

One entry per person, nice and simple :). Giveaway closes to new entries on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 11:59 MST, and winners will be announced on Sew Much Ado shortly after.


  1. I love Heather Bailey’s fabrics. The pattern is so cute. But truthfully, I’d rather have your apron pattern! Thanks.

  2. I love Heather Bailey anything, especially her fabric—it feels the nicest of all of my fabrics!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  4. Love Heather Bailey! She has gorgeous fabrics! Great giveaway! :)

  5. lovely! thanks for the giveaway!

    amoberly (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Thanks for the giveaway!
    skklemm at gmail dot com

  7. Such a cute pattern :) x

  8. Those patterns are so cute! Thanks so much. :)
    denotechristy at yahoo dot com

  9. What a great give away!

    slhightower5 at yahoo.com

  10. I’d like to enter this lovely giveaway!
    barcsik at gmail dot com

  11. No sweetie, thank YOU for taking the time to blog all your gorgeous ideas xx

  12. cute! I’ve been wanting to try that ruby lou pattern for some time – and this is my first time seeing heather bailey patterns (love her fabric)

  13. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. :)

  14. heather bailey is my idol! love her fabric!

  15. Heather Bailey is awesome! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win this giveaway!

  17. such cute patterns!
    annarebeccasmith at hotmail dot com

  18. Gorgeous Patterns. What is there not to like? Fabulous colours, great fabrics, super styles.
    Ooh – decisions, decisions?

    mmm…. the quilt pattern please.

  19. What a fun day for you! I love those pigs! They are just too adorable!!


  20. Love your blog, I would be thrilled to win!


  21. What super cute patterns! I hope I win one. :)

  22. What a fun pattern!

    thecakes at mac dot com

  23. Thanks for the giveaway. I really enjoy your blog.

  24. How awesome!!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway:)

    nreding at yahoo.com

  25. I love your blog, it’s always so interesting and full of stunning projects. I’d really love to win the patterns.
    love Sue

  26. What a fantastic giveaway! I Love your quilt pattern! Thanks a bunch!

  27. I want to win! I love all things HB!!! and of course I love you too!!!

  28. What a great giveaway! Like a few of the other readers. The Heather Bailey pattern would be cool, but I’d be just as (or more) excited to win one of yours!

    Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life

  29. I love Heather Bailey, I totally want to be her when I grow up. . . oh wait . . . darn.

    Thanks for the chance.

  30. Your right. . there isn’t anything cuter than pigs in clothes.

  31. I love those piggies. So adorable would be a perfect keepsake toy for the baby:)[email protected]

  32. I LOVE her patterns!!! The pigs are my FAVE!! SO ADORBS!!

  33. brilliant, these are as cute as h…..
    thanks for the opportunity

  34. The pigs are absolutely darling! I would be thrilled to win any of the prizes!

  35. Come on BABY!!! My fingers are crossed! :) loriannerosengarten (at)gmail.com

  36. Love your blog! Hope I win!

  37. Great giveaway!

  38. I would love the Gathers & Giggles Quilt patterns! Love heather bailey!

    michellehaskell at gmail dot com

  39. Those pigs are precious! I would love to win!
    Ashleyhuffman22 at hotmail dot com

  40. How neat getting to meet Heather Bailey!

    I would love to win your giveaway.

    jonahbrooke225 (at) gmail.com

  41. Oh thank you, thank you! What a lovely givaway! I would love to win any of these patterns. Thanks for the chance.

  42. Thanks for writing such a great blog and for doing a giveaway!!

  43. Lovely giveaway! Thankyou. :)

  44. Thanks for your blog and great giveaway! I’m hoping to win the Mommy and Mia apron pattern – I’ve had my eye on that one for a while :-)

  45. All the patterns look so cute!
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  46. Count me in! I’d love to win – and to be honest- I’d really like to have one of your patterns. Love the apron and quilt patterns!

  47. Those PIGGIES are ADORABLE!!! I wanna win! :)

  48. I love the bigs, too. My daugther would be so happy playing with one of them. I hope I can Win!!!

  49. This pattern is adorable! I would love to win!

  50. That market looked like SO much fun. Thanks for thinking of us!

  51. So cute! Love it!

    Lola x

  52. Love Heather bailey but I’d love even more to make a Ruby Lou for my daughter and my nieces :)
    Thanks for being the sweetest host every week :)

  53. Quilt market….ahhh…so much fun! :) Lovely giveaway…that ruby lou doll has been on my list of pattern wants for a while! :) Thanks for sharing your blog!

  54. What a fun giveaway!
    I love your Ruby Lou Doll pattern the best though (as you know)!
    I’d love to try your apron pattern!

  55. I have always loved Heather Bailey’s fabric. I know her patterns are fantastic, and soo cute! Thanks for the chance to win![email protected]

  56. What a great giveaway! I was so excited to meet Heather at a conference last fall!

  57. OOOH! I love project patterns,and i love making them for my niece!

  58. Abby, I love your blog and I love the patterns! Thanks for writing and thanks for the give away. kristen081801(at)yahoo(dot)com

  59. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [07 Jun 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  60. I really love Heather Bailey’s things. I allready bought some fabric. I also love your give away, I live in The Netherlands so I hope you will also ship to europe!![email protected]

  61. Ooooooooooh, dolls!

  62. I’ve been thinking about getting the Ruby Lou pattern. I just haven’t been sewing since I moved so it seems wasteful.

  63. Count me in! Kate Waldie :)

  64. I love her pattern and yours! Fingers crossed! That would give me something fun to sew over summer vacation!

  65. Oh, Heather Bailey fabrics, YUM!!! How much fun you must have had!!! The piggies are absolutely adorable, yes I love them. All three of my girls would play and change clothes non-stop, but Ruby Lou is too terrific as well! Oh, and the apron pattern. . . . . well I need to win one and purchase the others. That is all there is to it! Thank you for the opportunity to win. Love your BLOG!

  66. I know that you really want me to win :-)

  67. Love reading your blog. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  68. Yippee…A pattern giveaway! Those little piggies are so darn cute!
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  69. Oh those pigs are so darn CUTE! I love pigs :)

  70. Oh my gosh! Those pigs are just the cutest. My granddaughter would just LOVE them. Heck, *I* love them and might need to make myself some. How cool that you were so nice to have Heather autograph the pattern as well. You’re super nice for that.

    Having said that ~ I REALLY want your Gathers & Giggles pattern too. I already own the other two you are giving away too.

    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  71. I love her stuff! I have to tell you I get your updates by email and enjoy them so much. Thanks for a great site as well as the chance for a pattern!
    peggie dt loden at gmail dt com

  72. OMG ( i really hate to say that but i think it was appropriate!!) i absolutely love Heather Bailey… i keep up with her on her site… hellomynameisheather.com to see what new she has out… of course im a major fan of yours also… this pattern ive been waiting on it!! saw when her daughter was carrying one in a magazine spread she was in a few years back… one of my special treasures!! ok email is [email protected]
    thanks bunches kassi

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  74. I just found your blog and I am so excited. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for all of your tutorials and inspiration. I’ve put a link to your site on my blog. sarahstruss.blogspot.com. Thanks again!

  75. Oh my gosh!!! Thanks for the fab giveaway!!

  76. I love Heather Bailey!

  77. What a fun giveaway! Thanks, Abby. I’m so glad to know you…at least in this bloggy world of ours! :)

  78. Oh my would I ever love these! Good options! Love Heather Bailey, so fresh and fun.
    britneyanglesey (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. What a wonderfull giveaway :)

  80. Great giveaway!

  81. So Ben finally got me a sewing machine for Mother’s Day so now I have good reason to enter! :) Also means I’ll have to come visit you here more!

  82. Would love to win!!

    vjsweeley at gmail dot com

  83. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! You always do such a great job on everything – I really enjoy your blog!


  84. emily graybeal says:

    I lovej all the Patterns!!!

  85. Anonymous says:

    Cute, cute, cute! Heather Bailey’s fabrics are so mucy fun!

  86. Hello i love your blog!!! I am mexican :) and i want to wiin

  87. Thanks for the giveaway, wish I’d win :)

  88. ooo – what fun projects – I hope I win!

  89. Such a fun giveaway-thanks.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to win your quilt pattern!
    christine (at) familie-traub.com

  91. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Would love to win, thanks for the giveaway!

  93. What a cute pattern! Thank you for offering it and the others. That’s so very kind of you.

  94. What a great giveaway from two awesome designers! Thank you!

  95. Great competition!

  96. Wow great giveaway!

  97. Abs that giveaway is so awesome! Ummm sign me up!

  98. How cute! I’d love to win!

  99. Love the pigs! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I would love to win! Thanks for the chance :)

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