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  1. laundryontheline
    September 16, 2011

    I love the elephants! It makes for such a fun quilt. What a great pattern!

  2. Fiona
    September 16, 2011

    That’s a lovely quilt pattern! As someone who is just embarking on quilting (I’ve bought some fabric but not actually quilted anything yet) it looks way too complicated fora beginner!

  3. Katie
    September 16, 2011

    Super adorable, Abby. Olivia would totally love this. Now if only I had the patience for quilting. :)

  4. Sew Much Ado
    September 16, 2011

    Fiona – Give yourself more credit! Don’t worry if it looks intimidating, it really is a simple design. You may just surprised yourself with what you can actually do!

  5. Jen@thecraftingfiend
    September 16, 2011

    looks amazing!

  6. Bridget
    September 16, 2011

    This quilt is adorable!!!! It almost makes me want to learn to quilt!

  7. VickiT
    September 16, 2011

    Oh my gosh! That’s just adorable. LOVE IT!

  8. Anna
    September 16, 2011

    that is so adorable abby! beautiful job!

  9. Anonymous
    September 16, 2011

    Oh Abby, what a talented lady you are! The elephants are so adorable! Love it!

  10. Melissa
    September 16, 2011

    I’m in love, this quilt is absolutely darling! Good work girl!

  11. Maren
    September 16, 2011

    So Cute!!! Great job! I love the purple and green fabric. Adorable!

  12. Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home
    September 16, 2011

    That is SOOOOO cute, Abby! Wow. I’m so impressed!

  13. Katy Cameron
    September 16, 2011

    How cute!

  14. Christie, Describe Happy
    September 17, 2011

    Such an awesome design. I’ve pinned it and will most likely be back soon!

  15. Kathy
    September 18, 2011

    Who knew elephants could be so cute! I love your choice of colors/fabrics! Awesome!!

  16. saro
    November 11, 2011

    I really love this. Elephants are my favorite animal and your quilt is just perfect.

    Would you recommend this for a complete newbie (not a great sewist?). I really just love this.

  17. Sew Much Ado
    November 11, 2011

    Saro – Thank you! The basic design of the quilt is quite simple, so that shouldn’t be a problem for a beginner, and the elephants are appliqued on using a raw-edge applique technique, which is the easiest for a beginner. If you haven’t appliqued before, this is a great project to help get your feet wet! You can do it!

  18. Tara
    January 29, 2012

    I adore this! How did you pick the colors and patterns? That is the hardest part for me. Guess I’m not so creative.

  19. Sew Much Ado
    January 29, 2012

    Tara – the great thing about this quilt is that you can use lots of random colors and prints, and they’ll all look great together! If you’re nervous about picking, try to stick with one line of fabric, and then you’ll KNOW they go together!

  20. Kirsten N
    April 18, 2012

    This is so cute!

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