Shirt #1.

I am almost done my pattern-less shirt. I just need to hem it. I think I might leave it long, more of a tunic style, rather than cutting off a few extra inches. What do you think? I know the fabric isn’t the cutest, but considering it was $1/yard at Walmart it worked perfect for a trial run. I also bought a pattern today for a top, so I’m probably gonna make another one out of the same fabric.


  1. I hope i win your adorable shirt! Who makes a shirt? I only know how to sew square things…good work Abby.

  2. Awkward, I actually didn’t make this shirt for a giveaway. Trust me, I wouldn’t let anyone look at it up close. But maybe a different and better-sewn shirt or skirt would be a good giveaway?

  3. Abby,

    Way to go. I think it looks awesome. I am so impressed that you can do your own patterns!

  4. That is really cute! I’m a big fan of the longer style. That way nothing hangs out when you bend over.

  5. way to go, leave it long, so cute and i do recognize that fabric, i think it looks very good as a cute shirt:)

  6. Yes I agree…I like it longer, not that I have seen it shorter…but, you know what I mean! Looks awesome!

  7. so cute abby! as if you canjust makea shirt pattern up. good job!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Super cute Abby! I love the polk-a-dots and I love that it’s long like that! You’re so talented!

  9. Okay, if that isn’t the cutest I don’t know what is!

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