A Handmade Gift… For Me!

I think that being a sewer makes me appreciate handmade gifts all the more.  When I know the time and effort that someone put into making something just for me, I feel extra special.  Not that I don’t love store-bought gifts as well (I think it’s safe to say that I love ALL types of gifts!), but I really believe in the old cliche that it’s the thought that counts.
Joel’s sister drew (okay, it’s much more systematical that that) our names for Christmas this year and I was so excited to open their gifts to us. She was so thoughtful and made Joel and I aprons, and gave the boys a kids cookbook and fun utensils that they love. She had a plan to make Wyatt and Weston aprons too, until I unknowingly foiled her plans. I guess great minds think alike — I wonder how many cliches I could fit in one post? Don’t worry, that’ll be the last one :).
She made me this apron without knowing that I had been eyeing one just like it, but it was a project I knew would not happen for at least a LONG while, if ever.

Isn’t it cute? She used this tutorial, and even used some of my favorite fabrics. I couldn’t love it more. It’s so nice to feel all dressed up while I’m in the kitchen, I hate taking it off!


  1. Yes, it sure is cute! :-)

  2. very cute!!! Love the fabric chosen!

    I have a couple of the same, and I have been wondering what I should do with them…

  3. That is adorable!

  4. 1. This apron is adorable.
    2. Look at you miss skinny! :)

  5. Aww! You look amazing in it! Glad you are enjoying it.

  6. So so cute! Where did you find the super model to photograph in it?

  7. That is so cute! When I first read your post I thought it said sewer as in under the ground full of muck. I had to re-read the sentence three times before I figured it out. Man old age is kicking my butt!

  8. I love your blog. It’s actually the first blog that I started following, before I even knew you could become a “follower.” Anyway, I am new to the blogging world and gave you the “Stylish Blogger Award” on my blog. I hope you can pass it on.

  9. That is so cute!!! You have so much great stuff! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    SO MUCH.
    I just randomly stumbled across your blog
    and I LOVE it.

    Stop by and say hi!


  11. That is soo cute!

  12. wow This apron spectacular,I love it, I would like to buy it for my daughter, I think she will look really pretty, thank you so much for posting…

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