12 Unique Bags to Sew

Bag Sewing Patterns

There’s something about sewing a bag that is so satisfying, isn’t there? Perhaps it’s because they always fit, or perhaps it’s just fun to have a break if you normal sew clothing most often, but either way I’ve never lost the excitement of creating bag tutorials and bag sewing patterns to share with you! Read on for 11 unique bags to sew – most aren’t your typical bag (you’ll see what I mean as you start scrolling!), and you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag pattern to sew!

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DIY Lego Table – IKEA Version

How to make a LEGO table

I think many parents would agree that LEGOs are both the worst and best toys. I definitely love them, but not stepping on tiny pieces that were left on the floor! I created this DIY LEGO Table (2 ways!) to keep my kids’ creations off the floor and a little further from my feet ;), and am sharing the full tutorial with you today! [Read more…]

DIY Cricut Graduation Gifts with the Joy

DIY Graduation Gift

It’s graduation season, which means graduation gift season! Searching for the perfect and unique gift can be hard, but hey, that’s why we’re makers, right? Thanks to the Cricut Joy and Smart Materials, I’m sharing not one, or two, or even three, but FOUR DIY graduation gifts you can make with the Cricut Joy (thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post) that will be perfect for any special grad!

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Free Kids Apron Pattern – 3 sizes!

DIY Apron Pattern Free
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like it would be handy if my kids just wore an apron alll day! From cooking, to arts and crafts, little ones seem to have a constant supply of drips, spills, and fingerprints. To celebrate those messes in style, I’m sharing a free kid’s apron pattern and tutorial (including a video!) with you, so you can make your little one a DIY apron that’s ready for all the activities! And once you learn how to make an apron, you’ll love getting to customize them in your little one’s favorite colors and fabrics.
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DIY Scalloped Jumper Dress

DIY Pinafore Dress

I’ve had a lot of enjoyment lately sewing fast but satisfying projects, and the DIY girls dress I’m sharing today was certainly both fast and satisfying! I sewed this dress for Lola as part of her Christmas outfit (even though these photos were the only thing she had to wear it to this year ;)), and am hoping to get this girls’ dress pattern released sometime early this year. [Read more…]