Project Linus Floral + Stripe Quilt

Project Linus Quilt

It seems like the majority of my post titles these days include the words floral and stripe. But, I still love the combination so I’m not going to give it up just yet :). I’m really happy to get to share this post and quilt I made with you today, to help promote Project Linus / Luke’s Loves. [Read more…]

Deer Polly Peasant Dress

girl's peasant dress patternOh deer! Let’s just get that joke out of the way, shall we? Today I’m sharing this fun dress I made for Lola using our Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse pattern. [Read more…]

Free Footed Baby Pants Pattern


As promised, today I’m sharing a free footed baby pants pattern! If you hate trying to keep socks on a baby’s feet as much as I do, you’ll love these little pants! [Read more…]

Best of 2013

As per my recent habits, I’m a little late posting this 2013 recap, but it was fun to sift through last year’s posts and pick out my favorites!

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

tulle skirt tutorial

Thai Peanut Chicken Noodle Salad Recipe

thai peanut chicken chicken noodle salad recipe

Buffet Makeover

buffet makeover

Farmhouse Dining Room Table and Chairs (I also shared a tutorial for reupholstering chairs with laminated cotton)

farmhouse table and chairs

The Seafarer Top Pattern Release

seafarer top pattern

Buffalo Plaid Shorts

buffalo plaid shorts

One For The Locks (an-absent-minded-mom-story that I should have kept to myself but am sharing yet again due to an apparent lack of self pride)

The Skipper Top Pattern Release

skipper top pattern

DIY Deer Wall Art

DIY Deer Wall Art

Bimaa Sweater

bimaa sweater

DIY Maternity Jeans


There you have it! It made me laugh a little to see the major slowing down during the last part of the year. It did give me hope though that once this pregnancy is over, I’ll have more energy to create again! Do you have any sewing or crafting goals for the New Year?

Easy DIY Table Runner Tutorial


I recently taught a class to a group of ladies at my church on how to make a simple table runner, and I thought I would share it with you as well. Even those with little or no sewing experience were able to complete their runners with no trouble, and you can too!


With Christmas right around the corner, a new runner is a great way to spice up any table and add a fun print or color to a dining room.


So, want to make a runner that’s fast, easy, and cute? It’s just four steps. Here we go!


Front fabric – To make a 7′ long runner, you’ll need to buy 2.5 yd home decor fabric – if your fabric is 56-58″ wide, you’ll be able to get three runners out of one length. Cut the length in three equal pieces, or 18″ wide. For a 7′ runner, cut the fabric 88″ long. You can adjust the length to whatever you’d like – just add 4″ to the desired finished length to account for hems.

Backing fabric – To make a 7′ long runner, you’ll need to buy 2.5 yd quilting cotton or muslin fabric – if your fabric is 44″ wide, you’ll be able to get three runners out of one length, just as the front fabric (you’ll see below why the backing fabric is narrower than the front fabric). Cut the length in three equal pieces again, or 14″ wide. Cut to an equal length as the front fabric.

*The cutting measurements above will give you a finished runner of 16″ wide.

runner tutorial steps 1-4

That’s it! The back of your runner will look like this…


They make great gifts (for others and yourself :)), and are easy to switch out for any holiday or occasion.


You can read about our DIY farmhouse table and the chairs I re-did here, and I also shared a tutorial on how to reupholster dining room chairs with laminate fabric (best decision ever) here!IMG_4916edit