Caught up.

After this post I will officially be caught up on pictures relating to my older posts.  I guess that means I’m gonna have to think of some new material.  Any ideas?  This is going to sound totally random, but I want to do a post on sewing with lycra and spandex.  I have been wanting to make myself a swimming suit for a long time (I actually did make one back in the day), and I had to alter one that I bought recently.  I honestly did a lot of googling to find out as much as I could about the needles, thread, etc, and there just isn’t much info about it on the web.  Let’s just say my first experience with wooly nylon was a bit wooly!  What’s wooly nylon, you ask?  Well you will just have to wait and learn all about it when I do that post.

I know that I probably do more writing about what I plan to post than actually posting things, but I have a slight problem with procrastination and if I write about it first, then I’m committed.
So this is the shopping cart cover I made.  Wyatt loves it as you can tell.  I took this picture at the end of our trip to Target and surprisingly he still has a rather pleasant look on his face.  Probably because I let him hold and chew on the Off insectant repellant bottle.  Don’t worry, I watched him closely… except when we were driving home.

Shopping Cart Cover

You know those yucky shopping cart handles and high chairs that they have in restaurants that babies like to teeth on?  Well they’re probably the reason that I didn’t let Wyatt sit in the Walmart carts until he was 8 months old!  I didn’t want to find out if he liked to chew on them or not.  I found a great pattern online to make a simple shopping cart cover.

This is the one I made.
I used the basic idea from the pattern and just altered it a bit.  The link has a basic and a more custom fitted cover, I did the simple because I wanted it to fit in lots of different carts and high chairs.  Also, I did not put any batting in it as was suggested because I wanted it to fold up small enough to fit in my diaper bag or the bag that I haven’t made yet to carry it in :).  I used 2 layers of home decor fabric so it was still plenty thick without the batting.  I will post pics as soon as I remember to take my camera to Walmart to get a picture of it in action!  For now, you can find the link here.