10 Zippered Pouch Tutorials to Love

zippered pouch tutorials

Today I’m sharing some really great tutorials for different styles of zippered pouches! [Read more…]

DIY Jean Alteration: From Bootcut to Skinny or Straight!

diy jean alteration

Today I’m sharing an easy tutorial on how to alter your jeans from bootcut or flared to straight or skinny! I picked up this pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans for $7.50 at Value Village. I loved the way they fit in the top, but they were too long, and I didn’t like the flair. Once you learn how to taper jeans, it’s easy to create your new favorite pair of denim! [Read more…]

Nursing Friendly Maxi Dress

Nursing Friendly Maxi Dress

One of my favorite things about knowing how to sew is that it can solve problems. I’m a fairly boring and practical person, so if sewing can fix a problem for me or make something easier, I’m all for it! I’ve been frustrated with the lack of nursing friendly dresses in my closet lately, and finally decided to make a maxi dress that would still be easy to nurse Hattie while wearing. [Read more…]

The Knocked Up Seafarer


During the first and second trimesters of this pregnancy, my Seafarers were definitely my most worn tops. They were roomy enough for my growing belly, and the long length was great. However, now that I’m in the third trimester, I thought it would be a good time to make a few adjustments to the original pattern to make the perfect maternity top!


I bought the knit at Mood Fabrics last spring during Fabric Weekend, and it was fun to finally use it! I think I might even have just enough leftover to squeak out a top for Lola.


Here’s a quick run down of the changes I made…

I cut my normal size medium for the top half, and tapered the side seams out to a large for the bottom half. I could have given myself even more room, but that’s the great thing about sewing with knits – the stretch is so forgiving!


I also added an inch to the front hem (of the main body, not the waistband), curving down from the bottom of each side seam. The extra length should be plenty to get me through to the end of this pregnancy which will be nice.


I ended up adding a bow out of the same fabric along the neckline after seam ripping a dang hole into the top. So frustrating, but in the end I liked the little bit of subtle detail that it added.


Now I just need to make myself a few more of these. I have plenty of maternity shirts, but since this is my fourth baby, I think I’m just sick of them after wearing them so much. Know the feeling? Anyway, hope you have a happy Monday!


DIY Maternity Jeans


 If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@sewmuchado), you may be surprised to see the photo above, but it’s me! Yep, number four is on the way and due at the end of March. We find out the gender today, and I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted :).


I spent the other evening in a maternity store, trying on every pair of maternity jeans that they have. Most of the maternity jeans I already have fit best later on in pregnancy, and I was sick of feeling frumpy in my regular jeans. I came home with one pair, but wasn’t thrilled with them. I was even less thrilled when I tried them on again at home.

The next morning I woke up and had another look through my closet and bin of maternity clothes. I came across a pair of jeans that I always liked, but had a broken zipper, and then it dawned on me that I should use them to make my own maternity jeans.


I grabbed a pair of old maternity jeans that I had been given from my sister (who had been given them by her sister-in-law, lol), that were not exactly in style anymore, but had a band that I liked. I cut the waistband off as close to where it was sewn to the jeans as I could, and took it in quite a bit on one side so it would be snug enough on my mid-pregnancy belly to hold my jeans up. If you don’t have a pair of maternity jeans that you can steal a band from, you could use a belly band, or make your own with knit fabric. If making your own, make sure to add the curve for the front of the jeans when you cut it out, and I’d also recommend using knit with lycra or spandex in it. Without the lycra or spandex, the knit will likely stretch out and you’ll have issues keeping your pants up :).


Next I cut the waistband of the jeans off, right under the waistband on the back, and dipping down into a curve in the front. I then stitched around the top, securing the pockets and belt loops to the top raw edge where I had cut.



Right sides together, I pinned the band to the top of the jeans, adjusting so that the band would evenly stretch around the entire top of the jeans. I used a zigzag stitch to stitch them together, and they were done!


The transformation literally took about 20 minutes from start to finish, and these are the best mid-pregnancy jeans I’ve had yet out of all my pregnancies. The band holds the jeans up well without me having to constantly adjust them, and the jeans themselves are comfortable. The best part is that they actually look like regular jeans rather than maternity jeans (because they are!), which makes me love wearing them even more.


The top above is one of my Seafarer Tops – they’ve been so great so far with pregnancy, and I’ll be posting a tutorial soon on how to alter the pattern for a full belly! Stay tuned for some fun posts this week, including a book review and a fabric giveaway! Hope you have a happy Monday!