Shopping Cart Cover

You know those yucky shopping cart handles and high chairs that they have in restaurants that babies like to teeth on?  Well they’re probably the reason that I didn’t let Wyatt sit in the Walmart carts until he was 8 months old!  I didn’t want to find out if he liked to chew on them or not.  I found a great pattern online to make a simple shopping cart cover.

This is the one I made.
I used the basic idea from the pattern and just altered it a bit.  The link has a basic and a more custom fitted cover, I did the simple because I wanted it to fit in lots of different carts and high chairs.  Also, I did not put any batting in it as was suggested because I wanted it to fold up small enough to fit in my diaper bag or the bag that I haven’t made yet to carry it in :).  I used 2 layers of home decor fabric so it was still plenty thick without the batting.  I will post pics as soon as I remember to take my camera to Walmart to get a picture of it in action!  For now, you can find the link here.