DIY Dolman Knit Dress Tutorial

DIY Knit DressI’ve been dreaming of what would be my perfect dress for quite some time now… Something comfortable, something that can be worn on it’s own without something over or under it, something that can be dressed up or down, and of course made out of beautiful fabric! I’ve also wanted to hack our Seafarer Top Pattern into a dress since we released it several years ago (has it really been that long?!), and the stars finally came together to make it all happen. Because I’m so happy with how my dress turned out, I want you to be able to make one too, and am sharing this DIY Dolman Knit Dress Tutorial with you. [Read more…]

Mini Healthy Fudgsicle Recipe

Healthy Fudgesicle Recipe

Spring is finally making an appearance here in Seattle, and that means looking for fun ways to enjoy the sun! And what better way to enjoy the sun than to indulge in cool, refreshing fudgsicles! Fudgsicles are a warm weather staple in my household, and I love that if you make them yourself, they can be healthy and delicious! Today I’m sharing how to make your own Mini Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Fudgsicles that both you and your kids will love!

*This post is sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. All content, photography, and opinions are my own.*

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Floral Sullivan Dress

Girl's Scalloped Dress Pattern

Today’s post has been a long time coming. And I don’t mean that in a dramatic sense, I mean it in a very literal sense, hehe. I sewed it as one of the earliest Sullivan Dress Pattern versions last spring/summer, and then didn’t get it photographed until months later, in November. I had originally made it for Lola, but by the time I got around to photographing it, she had outgrown it, so Hattie lucked out and it became hers. And now that I’m finally sharing about it here, Hattie has outgrown it herself and it’s ready to be passed on to one of our favorite little friends. [Read more…]

Polly Peasant Dresses {Floral + Lace}

Girl's Dress Pattern

I’ve always enjoyed sewing Easter dresses for my girls each year, and this year was no different! I used our Polly Peasant Dress Pattern and a couple of easy modifications to result in just the look I was hoping for. [Read more…]

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Do your kids love to wear robes as much as mine do? They love to have a snuggly robe to wear on chilly mornings, after bath time, and just to be cozy while watching their favorite movie! They also love anything with a hood, so you can imagine how they feel about a robe with a hood ;). Today I’m sharing a Hooded Robe Free Pattern that you can make for your own little ones! [Read more…]