Seriously, I know this is bad.  I start a blog, and then, not much of a surprise, don’t keep it up.  But I noticed that in April I actually got a comment (thanks, Jewel!) from someone, so I thought maybe I’ll try to be better at it.  Plus, my awesome sister-in-law Angie gave me a shout out on her blog, and I feel like I’ve failed her!  And I’m also gunning for a spot on her favorite links list, and it’s not gonna happen if I don’t smarten up!  I recently made a shopping cart cover, and I’ll post pics and the link with the instructions very soon.  It was super easy and has been so great to have.


  1. okay. i did it. are you happy? ha! sorry it took so long, I’m sure people will be flooding to see your blog now that i put you on my link list. (maybe you didn’t know, but my blog is sooo popular)

  2. Hey! I didn’t know that you had a blog! I just found it from your comment! Cool cool. I had no idea that Ikea sold fabric and now I HAVE to check it out!!! Are you going home at all this summer? I’ll be there mid july to mid august! Hurray!

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