Summer Nightie Free Pattern

Summer Nightie Free PatternHi sewing friends! We have an exciting day today at Sew Much Ado! Not only did we release the new Sullivan Dress PDF Pattern, but I also get to share this Summer Nightie Free Pattern with you!

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

I’m joining in on The Polka Dot Chair’s Summer Sewing series, and what better summer project than a lightweight, comfy nightie for your little one?

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

Lola loves to wear nighties, and I remember feeling the same way as a little girl.

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

She’s worn her new nightie every chance she can since I’ve made it, and I can’t blame her!

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

It’s cute but not too hot, and I don’t know any little girls who will complain about a ruffle on their pjs!

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

She did, however, complain about the temporary tattoo her brother put on her without her knowing what he was doing ;).

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

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1 1/4yd 58″ wide knit fabric (how sweet would this floral be?!) – 30-40% stretch, amount allows for average shrinkage (can use contrast knit for the neck and armhole bands if desired)

Click HERE to download and print Summer Nightie Free Pattern, sized 2/3 (toddler). Print pattern at 100% (no scaling) and tape pieces together, matching triangles. Cut fabric as instructed on pattern, including “additional pieces to cut” as noted on front/back pattern piece.

UPDATE: After MANY requests for expanded sizes, we have released The Bellamy Nightgown Pattern, inspired by this free pattern! With sizes 18-24m through 12 years and lots of options including two sleeve lengths and both below knee and ankle lengths, it’s the only girl’s nightgown pattern you’ll ever need! Get the Bellamy Nightgown Pattern HERE!

Note: This is a great project for a serger. If you don’t have a serger, be sure to use a long and narrow zig zag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch when being worn. Also, be sure to use a ballpoint needle whenever sewing with knits. When sewing neck and arm bands, widen the zig zag stitch slightly to allow fabric to stretch over head and arms.

*All seam allowances are 1/2″.*

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

If dresses are also on your sewing list, this post will have you covered with lots of free girl’s dress pattern ideas. Let’s get sewing!

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

  1. Right sides together, stitch front and back together along one shoulder.
  2. Wrong sides together, press neckband in half, matching long raw edges.
  3. Pin neckband raw edges to neckline raw edges, stretching neckband to fit neckline. Stitch along pinned edge.
  4. Right sides together, stitch front and back together along open shoulder.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 to attach armhole bands to armholes.
  6. Right sides together, stitch front and back together along each side seam.
  7. Right sides together, stitch ruffle piece together along short ends.
  8. Press bottom of ruffle 1/2″ toward wrong side and stitch close to raw edge to hem ruffle. Use basting or gathering stitch to stitch around top of ruffle. Do not backstitch at beginning or end of stitches.
  9. Pull bottom threads only to gather ruffle piece to equal width of bottom of nightie.
  10. Right sides together, pin gathered edge of ruffle piece to bottom of dress, evening gathers as needed. Stitch along pinned edge, attaching ruffle to nightie.

Voila! A new Summer Nightie for your favorite little lady!

Summer Nightie Free Pattern


Loads of fun and CUTE summer sewing projects - a new free project or tutorial will be posted each week all summer!

Summer Nightie Free Pattern

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  1. My girls have shunned nighties so far… they go for footie-pajamas all the way! But maybe I can convince my 2-year old to wear one of these!
    I love Lola’s expressions here… so much sass!

  2. Adorable!! I was just telling my daughter the other night I need to sew her up some new nighties. Hers are barely covering her bottom!

  3. Lovely. I have saved this for our summer, or the following one, when my little granddaughter will be ready for this pretty nightie. I also bought the beautiful Sullivan dress pattern – so many different options. Now to wait for Casey to grow (currently only 6 months). But I’m ready when she is, thanks to your lovely designs.
    Lyn in Kinglake (Australia, where it is mid winter).

  4. Love it! Now, how about a full-blown pattern in your shop for this perfect summer nightie??? :D Thanks for sharing!

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  6. What is the best way to enlarge this pattern? I have a granddaughter that wears a 4/5 and size 5 so I’m looking for some direction on enlarging it. I love the pattern
    [email protected]

    1. Thanks Tracy! You could enlarge this pattern if you have some basic pattern grading knowledge, but if not I’m planning to grade it myself into larger sizes and will be sure to let everyone know when it’s available!

    1. Hi Sarah! If you have basic pattern grading knowledge, you could size the pattern up or down. If not, I’m hoping to get it graded myself since the larger sizes seem to be a popular request! :)

  7. My granddaughter will not wear shorts or pants to bed and finding nighties has proven to be difficult. Thank you so much for the free pattern. I will be giving this one a try.

    1. Hi Mandy! If you know basic pattern grading, you could do that, otherwise I may be coming out with a multi-sized pattern in the future :).

    2. Thanks Mandy! If you have pattern grading experience, you could grade it up to a 7-8, otherwise I’m hoping to do it myself in the near future! :)

    1. Hey can I ask what your daughters measurements were when you made this? My daughter is 3/4 but wondering if this will fit?

  8. I will look forward to your multi-size pattern. My three granddaughters are all a size or two larger. I love how simple the nightie is to complete. Yet you can really make it personal with trim, lace and other additions. CUTE!!!

  9. My 2 yr 4 month old daughter is going thru ‘a dress only phase”. She is refusing to wear pajama pants and tee shirts. Luckily it’s summer and your pattern came to my rescue. She is quite slim, so will get a good wear of this nightie! Thank you. Look forward to the bigger sizes for future reference!

  10. Could I get away with a yard of main fabric if I cut the contrast pieces in something else? Thanks! Can’t wait to work on this!

  11. Oh my…my girl is nighty OBSESSED! I’m going to jump all over the bigger sizes when they come out!!! So lovely. Good job!

  12. Is there a chance you may be producing a larger size nightie? I need size 10-12 for my granddaughter.
    Love what you’ve done with this one.

    1. Hi Annette! I’m in the process of working on a multi-sized pattern, but am not sure when it will be available yet. I’ll be sure to post about it on the blog though once it is!

  13. Any success with a larger pattern? My little girl would be obsessed! (Size 5) and her bday is next week but sadly I know nothing about pattern grading :(

      1. Please release it!! I need this pattern for Xmas nighties :) do you know what measurements the current pattern is for? Thank you so much x

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  15. Any further with getting this graded into larger sizes? I could probably figure it out myself but would rather not risk it?

    1. Hi Jennifer! I can finally say, yes! I am currently working on a full pattern with extended sizes, and am hoping for it to be made available in my shop in the next few months (or hopefully sooner ;)).

  16. Hello,
    Looking for the free Summer nightie pattern and no matter what link I click I can never find the free pattern?????
    Could you please tell me where it is?

    1. Hi! So sorry about that, there is a glitch that we’re currently trying to figure out with the link, but if you search “summer nightie” on our site, and click the first post, it will take you to the correct page!

  17. Where is the free pattern? Every time I click a link it takes me back to the original page for the Summer Nightie.

    1. Hi! So sorry about that, there is a glitch that we’re currently trying to figure out with the link, but if you search “summer nightie” on our site, and click the first post, it will take you to the correct page!

  18. thank you for the free patterns. am a bigginer so they are so helpful. thanks for making them available and for FREE. be blessed.

  19. Sorry I seem to be the only one having trouble piecing this pattern. What order do these go in?1 seems to fit on page 5 then nothing seems to fit. Help please!!

    1. The pages are assembled 2 wide and 3 tall, with 1-2 at the top row, 3-4 in the middle, and 5-6 at the bottom. Hope that helps!

  20. Does this pattern include the seam allowance? Or do we need to add 1/2 inch to pattern before using?

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