A Home Tour: Part One

My SIL Angie (formerly of This & That) has an impeccable sense for design (remember the dollhouse?). I’ve always admired that she knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to take a plunge with decorating. While I find myself questioning, Will I like that in three years?, if she likes something, she’ll go ahead and do it! Whether it’s paint, furniture, or accessories, she’s so confident and decisive in her choices, and I think it shows in her home. And even better, the majority of her decorations are DIY projects that she’s done without breaking the bank.

Angie and my brother Andy recently built a house, and my family was lucky enough to spend Canadian Thanksgiving there while I was visiting last month. I of course begged her to let me share their house with all of you, to which she graciously obliged. She said she was happy for an excuse to buy herself some flowers :).

Today I’m sharing some of the main floor of their home… I hope you all find it as inspiring as I do!

Come on in…

The curtains are from Ikea, and Angie painted the gray stripes on the wall. She also made the coffee-filter wreath and the “work hard” sign out of an old palette.
I love the pop of color that the painted door gives the entry. Off through the doorway on the right is a bathroom and office/craft room.
On the way into the main area sits this awesome cabinet from 1890 which I’m fairly jealous of. And I love that Angie left it’s natural wood finish.
Let’s head into the main area, shall we?

First, the living room. The wall color throughout the main floor is a light gray, which gives the perfect opportunity to add pops of color with accessories.

I love the gallery wall, and how the TV just sort of blends in, without being a focal point in the room. I think that’s a hard thing to accomplish with big TVs (and one I wish I could accomplish in my own house).

The fireplace is one of my favorite features of the house. Angie painted the stone white (not something most people would dare do to new stone, but I think it goes so well with the room). She also added the board and batten above the fireplace – and with no help from my brother, FYI :). On the mantle is a mirror that was originally a part of this antique dresser that Angie painted.
On either side of the fireplace are two old window frames, and Angie made the curtains behind the couch with Ikea fabric (you can see the copycat curtains I made for my sister’s house out of the same fabric here).
Behind the living room is the kitchen and dining room. The painted pantry door adds the perfect pop of color, doesn’t it?
Angie found the dining room map at Ikea. The map comes with the canvas stretcher bars to frame it, which I think is so great!

I think she chose the perfect tiled back splash for her kitchen. She also added contact paper to the back of the cupboards which make her white dishes look so fresh!

And there you have it! Thanks a million times a million to Ang for sharing her home with us today. If you have any questions, please ask!

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  1. Colin – Ikea! It was around $400 which is pretty great for such a large rug.

    Suzanne – She is amazing, that’s how! Hehe, she does admit that it doesn’t ALWAYS look so perfect, but I’ll say that her kids are pretty close to perfect :).

  2. I adore her house and will dream of having one this beautiful one day. I love all her colors and might have to steal some of her ideas!

  3. So amazing! Where in Canada is she? We’re in Vancouver and are looking to reno our bathrooms. If she does consulting, we would love to hire her!

  4. Gorgeous home. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have a question for you….. I followed your sister in law lovely blog, why did she stop? Okay I have another question does she have a new blog as I would love to see more of her work.

    1. Hey Cathy! It’s me, the SIL! I figured I might as well answer this question…
      I stopped blogging because it started to feel like “work.” I was busy with other things and it wasn’t the escape that it had been in the past. I now have baby number 4 on the way and I keep busy having fun with my home! Sometimes I think I will start up with the blogging again. So maybe I will soon…but it will be a little more “casually” than before.
      Thanks for asking, you made my day!

  5. I was really excited to hear that you were featuring Angie’s house on your blog Abby! What a gorgeous home Ange, it totally suits you! I love how you kept the occasional wood piece it adds warmth. So when is part 2 being featured :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful..thank you for sharing!! What is the name of the gray paint color on her walls? I have been searching for the right color gray forever…and her home looks so elegant, peaceful and artsy!! Thank you..

  7. it is all so pretty! Love the simple gray/white base. New follower! Popped over from handmade Tuesdays.


  8. GREAT house!!! I love it!! So pretty!! I love the color scheme. I will be moving in a few months, and am looking to change things up in our new place. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. LOVE her house! It’s so bright and cheery, and I love that it has so many DIY’s without looking that way. Gorgeous! Found you on Creations By Kara, thanks for sharing!

  10. So glad I came by from my link party. Everything is just fantastic. I love your style, great work. Hugs, jen

  11. Wow, every room is simply gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up. I will be featuring it on Wednesday at Creations by Kara. :)

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