A Polly for Market

As I’m sure you know, Quilt Market was in Portland last weekend. Although I wasn’t there myself, it was fun to see all the Instagram photos popping up of all the festivities throughout the weekend. I did make this little dress though that did make it to Market.

One of my pattern distributors, Creative Sewing & Smocking, asked to borrow a Polly Peasant Dress to display in their booth, and rather than send them a sample I had on hand, I wanted to make a new one. After all, Lola can always use a new dress, right?

The Tula Pink fabric was actually a happy accident that I received from the sweet Robin at Whimbrella’s Attic on Etsy, but it worked out perfectly for this project. The sailboat pocket fabric also came from Robin’s shop, and she has a great selection of fun prints.

Modelling can be tough sometimes…


Can you believe that Lola turned one this month?! I still can’t. I also can’t believe that I deleted all of her birthday photos from my camera before putting them on the computer. The one time of year that I actually cleared my entire memory card at once. We didn’t do anything fancy, just had cake with our Joel and the boys, but I’m still pretty sad about it. Maybe it’s a good excuse to make another cake?

I made a size 12-18m dress, and as Lola is still way below the growth charts for her age, she has a lot of room to grow into it which will be great. Now we just need to work on the growing part :).

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  1. There are ways to recover deleted photos. My husband has had to do it. I will try to remember to ask him and get back to you.

  2. She’s beautiful in her little dress.
    Some of the memory cards have a recovery program. Look into your brand and see if it applies. Hope it goes well.

  3. What a sweet floral print! Am I seeing ducks in that fabric too?

    I’m so sorry about your birthday photos! I think it would be just fine to make a little cake & let her tear t up…for the sake of photos! I’m sure she wouldn’t mind…

  4. such a sweet dress and sweet girl. Funny, yours, Delia’s and my little girls are all so tiny! We need to get them together for a itty baby playdate. Except you moved away! :)

  5. Her dress is beautiful! Happy birthday to her!!! I think it’s possible to recover deleted pictures, i should ask my partner. In France, when a kid wears 12-18 at 1 yo, we find her/him tall… And our sizing charts are lower than yours ;)

  6. What a cutie. Love the pictures and I would be so sad too about the pics you lost. Hope you can recover them somehow!

  7. What a terrific use of the fabric! Your little one is adorable. My 1-yr old grandson is low on the weight charts but high for height. Maybe we should have a play date!

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