Amy Butler Rugs.

Seriously, area rugs have never been my favorite thing.  It stinks considering our last house in Arizona had no carpet at all, and now our house has hardwood in the living room, so rugs have pretty much been a necessity for us.  I’m more of a fan of normal carpet, until I saw these new rugs from Amy Butler that Melissa posted about on her blog.  Have you guys seen these?  I had no idea they existed!  Wow, it would be like living in a big sea of Amy Butler happiness.  They are so beautiful.

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  1. Those are gorgeous! I went to Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend and was surprised to find Amy Butler bedding. She has the prettiest stuff.

  2. i seriously just was looking at those and saved the pictures to my comp so i could post about them! arn’t they so gorgeous. they are a bit pricey though!

  3. Those are beautiful, I have been looking at rugs recently too for my family room. Hers are a little pricey for my budget, but gorgeous either way!

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