Corduroy Bow Ties

Happy almost New Year! I wanted to share my last sewing project of 2012 with you today. I already shared Lola’s corduroy dress here, but I couldn’t resist making a couple of bow ties for Wyatt and Weston to match.
I used Christie’s tutorial, which I also used for wedding bow ties here. It’s a great tutorial and I love the finished size (not too big, but not too small), so I’m sure it won’t be the last time I use it.
I love the texture of the corduroy for a bow tie. Extra hipster. I also used a layer of fusible fleece, which makes them perfectly soft but still hold their shape.
What little boys wouldn’t be thrilled to match their little sister?
Okay, I can’t say that the boys don’t want to rip the ties off as soon as they are allowed (my fault – I should have made the neckstrap slightly longer), but the cute factor definitely makes up for any bribery that I have to use :).

I love these two.

Aaannnd, photoshoot over :).

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  1. What sweet photos of your kids! My little guy keeps asking me to make him a bow tie. I really need to get around to it. Your kids are so adorable in their matching outfits. :-)

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