Double the trouble, double the sewing… I mean double the fun.

Who doesn’t love a good set of twins?  Don’t we all secretly wish we had one?  These cute girls had a big problem last weekend when their bridesmaid dresses were about 4 inches too big in the bodice.  And um ya, the wedding was the next day!  My BIL is dating Lexi (the short haired twin), and had them call me to see if I could help.  I was definitely apprehensive at first because although I’ve sewn a lot of dresses, I haven’t done much altering (especially of clothes not made by myself) and did NOT want to ruin their cute dresses.
You know how sewing never goes smoothly?  At least for me it doesn’t, especially when I’m sewing in a time crunch.  But surprisingly this went perfectly.  That rarely happens for me.  I didn’t have to rip anything out (except for the sewing that was already there — I guess my seam ripper never gets a break), and they turned out great.  See?  I’m still smiling the next day (I know, it’s RARE to see a picture of me on this blog).
The girls were so relieved to have dresses that actually fit them!  And the best part is they let me take some pictures of them to post, and even pretended to be excited about it.
Aren’t they photogenic?  Three sets of braces and my teeth still aren’t half as perfect as their’s…  Not fair.

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  1. 1) I’m an identical twin, and those pictures made me smile.
    2) You’ve got to let us know how you altered the dresses!!! I have a bunch of dresses I bought after my son was born that are too big now (yea, right?!) but now I can’t wear them anymore!

  2. I LOVE the short hair style on Lexi – oh please can I see a really great picture of it – I’d love to use it as a “model pic” for my hairdresser. (I know this is a crazy request, but I have been trying to decide how to cut my hair since last September!)

  3. Great job! I’d be pretty scared working with those too. I’m glad it worked out because they look like very fun bridesmaid dresses!

  4. Yes, I always secretly wanted an identical twin. They are so pretty and look like they are really close. Now I’m jealous of the twins, and of you for being able to alter their dresses! Sigh.

  5. Those photos of the twins are priceless. Love the dresses. Great job – and you look so cute! : )

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