Dresser: Before AND After.


Wow, since I designated September as “Before and After Month” at Sew Much Ado, I thought I better get my dresser finished so I actually had an “after” to post before the end of the month. Yikes. I’ve had it painted and mostly antiqued for a couple of weeks now, but hadn’t found the perfect handles for it. Well last night I lucked out! We were at Ikea getting table legs for my new sewing table (which I’ll have to post about later, it is huge and already covered in projects), and we happened upon the drawer handles and pulls. They had a bunch on sale, which also happened to be the ones I liked the best! I had been wanting glass pulls, but in the back of my mind I knew they probably were a terrible match for the dresser, so I’m glad I found something else. Can you believe that they were only $1.99 for 2 handles? So it cost me less than $6 to get new handles for the dresser. A $10 dresser and $6 handles makes for a pretty good deal, eh? The dresser had been previously painted white, blue, and black, so those colors all showed through when I distressed the dresser. I don’t know if I’d do the same shade of pea-green again, but I guess I can paint it again if I get sick of it.

Oh ya, and for the sake of full disclosure, I did all the dirty work sanding and distressing and wood-filling the dresser, and Joel painted it with the spray gun. He was just “getting it ready” for me to use, and before I knew it, he had the first layer painted. Men are funny, aren’t they? Can’t say I minded his help though! He also dropped a garden tool or two on the drawers to help distress them. I was so nervous to start distressing the dresser, I Googled about it a ton and everything said the same thing… There is no wrong way to do it. I was sure if there was a wrong way, I would find it. But I think it may actually be true, it’s just scary actually taking the plunge after you’ve spent your time sanding and painting your project, to go and ruin it all! I guess next time I wouldn’t spend so much prep time, since you just re-wreck it anyway :).
We’re excited to refinish another dresser now.

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  1. great job abby. i love it. i feel the same way about distressing. i am at that point right now with an armoire i just painted. wish me luck!

  2. very cute, oh and thanks for getting me hooked on life in the fun lane blog, thanks thanks a lot. haha no really she’s awesome. i have an air compressor so i went out and bought the attachment to paint furniture. i did my daughters 5 piece bedroom set, turned out fantastic. thanks to that tool she recommended. super quick and easy.

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