Flashback Friday

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday…

Nope, I did not make my wedding dress.  But I did make my veil!  Something about spending $70 on something that I could make for $5 encouraged me to make my own.  Excuse the bad photo, I really need to get around to having our negatives digitalized. 

That makes me feel so old to think that our photographer was still using film when we got married!  For the record it was only six and a half years ago, so I’m not really that old, just old enough to enjoy it when people tell me I look young :).  Anyway, I wanted a very simple veil, so I used a rolled hem around the edge and attached it to a simple comb.  Actually, I think I made my sister’s veil too — should I remember that?  I’ll have to ask her!

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  1. I did the same thing… It was kind of cool to save money on a veil and make it with my grandma as well. You two make a cute couple!

  2. Awwww… Love the pic, love the name of your blog! My daughter gets married next May, and I am one excited mother-of-the-bride. Any tips???? :)

  3. I couldn’t swallow the price for veils, either, so the woman that made my dress also made my veil. It cost under $8 in materials!! very simple, but it’s just what I wanted, and I couldn’t find anything like it even if I WANTED to spend the $$!!

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