Flashback Friday: Andrea From The Train To Crazy

Today I’m excited to welcome our first guest of Flashback Friday round 2!
Yesterday I filled you in on the details of the series, and today I’m so happy to have Andrea from The Train To Crazy with us! From her ruffled bedsheets to teaching us how to sew with stripes, Andrea always has something new up her sleeve!

In addition to blogging at The Train To Crazy, Andrea is also the talent behind Go To Patterns. I’m sure you’ve seen many different versions of the Go To Signature Dress, and the Go To Leggings pattern was just released yesterday! Andrea has helped so many release their fears of sewing with knits, and I’m thrilled to have her here today!

Hi! I’m Andrea from TheTrainToCrazy.com and GoToPatterns.com. I’m so excited to be invited to share for Flashback Friday! When Abby asked me I knew exactly what I’d share.

I grew up as the only girl with three older brothers. I was a tomboy but I loved dolls. I especially loved my cabbage patch dolls. I remember my excitement when my parents were able to snag one during the whole insanity the first year they came out.

My mom saved them for my girls. I’m so glad she did. They live at my house now. They aren’t as great and cute as I remember.
cabbage patch dolls homemade doll clothes
But the greatest things she saved were all the doll clothes. My mom sewed up so many detailed little outfits for these dolls (and my Barbies too!). These were well dressed little dollies. I still have 8 of the outfits she had sewn for them.

And what is even more fun is that my grandmother knitted them entire outfits too. I think we have 5 knitted outfits still in perfect condition. My girls really get a kick out of the fact that their great grandmother knitted them.
handmade homemade sewn knitted doll clothes
That’s one of the things I love about handmade. These are now heirlooms! I hope the things I make are cherished by future generations as well. (Yes, those are all links to things I hope last long enough to be passed down).

Thanks for having me Abby!

Thanks Andrea! What a great way to kick off the series! Those outfits are adorable. And what an amazing mom and grandma to make them all!  I especially love the pink and white argyle, so cute. Makes me excited to make Lola doll clothes when she’s a bit bigger. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. My mom kept everything–I mean everything! I have my original Little People Dolls by Xavier Roberts (what they were called before they were mass produced as Cabbage Patch Dolls) including their adoption papers, Barbie dolls with all the clothes my mom made them, boxes and boxes of other rag dolls with homemade clothes, plus every single piece of paper I ever brought home from kindergarten! You get the idea! It’s fun to be nostalgic, and my daughter loves playing with these toys almost as much as I did decades ago!

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