Maxi Dresses!

You already know about my obsession for maxi skirts

…But I also have a love for floor-length dresses. I’ve been planning on making a maxi dress and tutorial all summer, but somehow keep running into irresistable maxi dresses in stores and have bought a couple instead. I’d still like to make one soon, but at the rate I’m going at, we’ll see how that goes!

Photo credit

What I love most about maxi dresses is how comfortable they are to wear.

Vintage sheet maxi dress by Craftiness is Not Optional

Didn’t want to shave your legs that day? No one has to know! Too bad I can’t keep my own secrets on that one… When I get a compliment I should probably just say thank you rather than informing the complimenter of my current leg hair status. Awkward.

Floral maxi from Free People

I love that you can pair a maxi dress with a wide belt and cardigan. It instantly looks put together but is so easy to wear.

Photo credit Kendi Everyday

Almost any body type can pull off a maxi dress – you’d be surprised! It gives a long and lean silhouette that is flattering on both slender and curvy figures.

Mossimo maxi

I don’t think I’d have anywhere to wear this dress (all dress up and no place to go…), but it sure is pretty, isn’t it?!

Photo credit

What’s your favorite maxi dress style? Bright and bold? Simple and muted? Flowing and elegant? I’d love to hear!

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  1. now i would love to make one, though i am not sure if i will really wear it is not common to wear them here in India. But who cares, right, i will sew one and see i am comfortable wearing it, if i am then i shall start doing so! I have hit my 30s and i am more confident of self than ever before!

    Thanks for the inspiration to wear maxi dresses!

  2. I finished sewing one last week, only to realize that I’m too short for them! I altered the pattern length about 10 inches shorter, but it still makes me look dumpy! Maybe it’s just the style of the dress, but I wish I was taller and could wear them.

  3. That floral Modcloth maxi is gorgeous! And the hairy leg concealment is one of the best things about this dress length-totally!

  4. I love maxi dress,, I was waiting on your tut as an excuse to make myself one. I totally understand finding one!. The best thing about a maxi dress is you just put it on and go. No need to put an outfit together.

  5. Seeing this reminds me so much of the 60’s, my youth, and Jessica McClintock, and the Gunnysack line of dresses all of which were long. I loved those dresses. I know she still designs and her factory is still here in San Francisco, but I do not know what her style is now.

  6. This is a great post. I LOVE maxis. I cannot stop buying them! I find good priced ones at Forever 21 and Ross and just buy and buy. I love the modesty of the long skirt (and a cardi too, of course).

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