Mirror Makeover

I recently showed you the mini makeover that Lola’s dresser had, and now I’ve finally finished a couple of projects to hang on the wall above the dresser.
On the dresser: Ruby Lou Doll and Faux Chenille Bunny
I found this mirror at Goodwill for $6, and loved that it had a nice wide flat frame. Lola’s room also has the spare bed in it for when we have visitors, so I’ve really been wanting to put a mirror above her dresser for guests to use.
My original plan was to paint the mirror pink, cause we all know I waited long enough to be able to justify buying pink paint. But Lola has a pink and turquoise print hanging on one of her walls (you can see a peek of it’s reflection below), and in the end I decided that it would be fun to mix some more turquoise into her room.
And this frame? I’ve actually had this frame and photo on my own bedroom wall since I was little. I stayed with my grandma when I was 2, while my parent’s took the older kids to Disneyland (I know, cruel!), and a few years later for Christmas she gave me this photo she had taken and framed, which was a plain oak color until now. I turned 30 this year, so I figured it may be time for an update :).

I even took it when I went away to college and hung it by my bed. Just one of those things, ya know? Not so much about the photo itself, but more about who it came from. I hung it in my boys’ room before Lola was born, but moved it to her room once she came along. The other day I joked about all my Instagram (@sewmuchado) pics of Weston sleeping, but I think I may know where he got it from. I could do a whole post of photos of me sleeping in funny places as a child (but don’t worry, I won’t). My mom said they would have to go looking for me around the house, and would find me asleep behind a couch or some other random place.

I obviously painted it the same turquoise color that I painted the mirror, and then distressed it. I really love the distressing and am almost tempted to go back and distress the mirror as well. We’ll see…

It’s nice to have her room slightly more put together. I’m planning to make a pink/red/turqoise quilt for the spare bed, but as usual just need the time to get started!

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  1. I love touquise! And the picture and story behind it are so sweet! Well, except the whole left-behind-while-they-went-to-Disnyland part…

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