Mod Podge Mahem {The Creative Chick Parade}

It’s here ladies!  The Creative Chick Parade is starting today, and our theme is Mod Podge Mahem.  This is a blog hop, so if you link up either here or on another co-host’s blog, it will show up on all of the hosting blogs.

I was so excited when I found out that today’s theme would be Mod Podge Mahem.  I’ve had a project on my mind for awhile (what’s new), and was glad to have an excuse to actually get it done!  I came across this tutorial forever ago from How Does She, and instantly knew it was something that I need to have in my house.

Here’s how mine turned out (the classiest part is the tack that it’s hanging on):

You see, I’m Canadian, and Canadians remove their shoes when they enter someone’s house.  Seriously, it’s a cultural thing I think.  Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that it’s often snowing and shoes are wet, I don’t know, but I could probably count on my fingers how many times in my life I’ve walked into my parents house with my shoes on (please don’t tell my mom that it’s even that many times, I promise I felt really guilty each time).  I can honestly say that last time I was in Canada, I literally crawled on my hands and knees (careful that my shoes made NO contact with the floor) through my sister’s entire upstairs to get from the front door to the back entry.  Actually, I think I did that twice last time I was there!  Ada takes “clean” to the next level, and I was not about to mess with that!

Anyway, so now that I’m living in the US, I think this sign will come in handy.  I still feel guilty when people say “leave your shoes on” and I listen.  I just can’t help feeling like I’m doing something naughty and wrong.  Now, if you’ve ever been to my house and have left your shoes on, please know that I still love you!  …But I’ll love you even more next time if your shoes are left at the door :).

If you’re wondering, Leslie from My Tulip Garden did the vinyl lettering for me.  She was super quick and it turned out exactly how I wanted it.

Let’s keep today’s links strictly to Mod Podge projects.  You’ll have chances to link up different themes as the week goes on, so no worries :).

Come back tomorrow for our Sew What? themed party!

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  1. as another canadian… i agree on the shoes thing… i feel so horrible wearing shoes in someone’s house unless they are doing renovations!

    I LOVE that cute photo… it’s tempting to do even tho’ people know to take their shoes off!

  2. A very cute idea and a great way to share a family photo.
    Taking the shoes off at the front door is cultural things from India, too.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us all.
    ♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
    ♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

  3. I love to take my shoes off at the door. Not so much a cultural thing for me, just a “I don’t like wearing shoes, so thanks for the permission” thing!

    It is perfect with the little feet. What a great picture.

    p.s. I love Leslie’s vinyl, but I may be a bit biased since she’s my cousin.

  4. Such an awesome tutorial! I 100% agree with the US/Canada and shoes issue, as my inlaws live in Utah. It totally is a cultural thing.

  5. Of course shoes off at the door. Add to that milk from bags (homo at that), chocolate bars instead of candy bars, 2-fers at the lake,loonies, and toonies and of course our favourite term (and no its not eh) its “i’m sorry, excuse me” even when we were the ones injured :)

    And you never hear a Canadian say “uh huh” when someone says “thank you” – a t a minimum a your welcome is needed ..

  6. You should ABSOLUTELY be proud of this! It’s adorable!! Think I’m going to have to put this on my to-do list ;)

  7. I am also a Canadian living in the states and I SO relate to the guilt thing. I always feel so bad like I am dirtying up their carpets etc. I made one of these a couple weeks ago with my crafting group — but I love the scrapbook paper under the words and I might have to make another one! Darn you and your snazzy ideas (JK) — thanks for the idea!

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