My 5 Favorite Sewing Tools

Favorite Sewing Tools

Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite sewing tools! These are all things that are must-haves for me while I sew, and have made my sewing life much more enjoyable and easier. You can click on the affiliate links below to try them for yourself!

Wonder Tape


Where do I start with Wonder Tape? It is the tool listed here that I’ve been using the shortest amount of time (several years), but it’s one of my very favorites. It makes installing zippers a breeze (it’s been so handy when doing the zippers on the Magrath Dress and Airdrie Bag patterns), and also comes in super handy for hemming knits. My only problem with it is that I go through it too quickly, hehe. It washes away so you never have to worry about residue, and it doesn’t gum up your needle!

Walking Foot

walking foot

I wrote a post here with a video tutorial explaining how to install and use a walking foot, and it’s no secret that I loooove mine! It is amazing when you are sewing two fabrics together that different in weight, texture, or stretch, as it feeds both layers evenly through your machine.

Rotary Cutter,  Clear Ruler, and Mat

rotary cutter and matOkay, so technically that is three tools, but they are a match made in Heaven so we’ll keep them together and count them as one :). I use a rotary cutter and mat for almost all of my cutting of pattern pieces, and it saves a huge amount of time! It also usually eliminates the need for pinning pattern pieces to the fabric – just plop some weights on top of the pattern pieces (or stapler, heavy scissors that I mention below, etc) and you’ll be done cutting in no time!

Spring Action Fabric Scissors

scissorsI purchased a pair of spring action fabric scissors years ago on a whim, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried them before or heard how amazing they are! The spring saves your hand muscles from cramping (you just have to squeeze the handles together, and then they spring apart again on their own), especially during projects with a lot of tedious cutting. I have to confess – my husband was so sweet and bought me a pair of really nice, pricey left handed scissors a couple of Christmases ago, and guess which ones I still use allll the time? My righty spring action scissors. It’s definitely the thought that counts, though ;).

Wonder Clips

favorite sewing tools

If it’s got the word “wonder” in it’s name, you can probably guess that I’ll like it, hehe. Wonder Clips are so handy for holding things in place that would otherwise be awkward to pin. They are fabulous for attaching bindings, necklines, and these ones even have a built in seam allowance marker! They’ve replaced pins for me in many projects and I always have a pile next to me while I’m sewing.

Do you use any of these tools already? If you have a favorite sewing tool that I didn’t mention I’d love to hear it!

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  1. I’ve had the scissors for years and love them. They are basically the only scissors I use. I use my rotary cutter all the time too, but I quilt a lot. The Wonder clips are just “wonder”ful. I used to use the snap hair clips but these are better. I have them in both sizes. Great for PUL and things that shouldn’t be pinned. Haven’t tried the tape yet. Guess I need to check into that. Whoever invented the walking foot is my hero.

  2. I used a glue stick a few months back for the first time and didn’t have to rip out a zipper plus the zipper went in beautifully. I will now use a glue stick ever time I install zippers.

  3. Abby, you nailed it with the other five top tool picks, but I’ve never tried the wonder tape. I guess I didn’t even notice it exists. However, since I’m mostly a quilter, that might be a costly alternative to the washable school glue that I usually use when binding. I have sewn more small garments since the arrival of grandchildren, and the tape looks very promising. Thanks for drawing my attention to that.

  4. Hi Abby,
    I love my wonder clips I use them even with my Crochet definitely my best friend. I have not done a lot of sewing in the past but am now just starting out after many years and these clips are magic even got my daughter using them.

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