New Fabric.

I am so excited, for the last few weeks I have been looking at fabric online every day, trying to decide on some to buy. I have issues with decision making, even with something simple like picking out fabrics. I guess that’s why I’m not a fabric hoarder. I have the opposite problem. I literally have been about to press the checkout button about ten different times, but change my mind at the last second about what I want.
I am going to make a nursing cover for myself and one for my sister who’s also due with a boy just a couple of weeks before me. So last night I finally made myself decide on a couple of different fabrics, and between the two hopefully I will be happy with something. Then I will also have extra to use for a gift, maybe something home decor-ish since it’s home dec weight fabric, or maybe even a giveaway that I’m still planning on doing (again, my problem with commitment has kept me from taking the plunge with that one). Here are the two fabrics:

August Fields by Amy Butler

Ginseng by Joel Dewberry

I also ordered this flannel which I LOVE. I really don’t need to do much sewing since I’m having another boy and did a lot for Wyatt, but I couldn’t resist this for a receiving blanket and burp cloths. Then at least baby #2 will have something special of his own. It was a bit hard to find online, but I lucked out and got all three fabrics from Quilt Home.

Urban Flannel by Valori Wells (also comes in aqua — which I was originally going to buy until I changed my mind last minute — and pink)

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  1. Ooh, so so lovely! Have fun with those!!

    I have the same problem with decision making. Am overwhelmed when I walk into fabric stores at the selection, and have yet to even BROWSE online because the selection there (maybe not at ONE seller, but at the online selection in general) is even more huge!

    I like having a “stash” for that very reason. When it comes time to make something, rather than having to go out and select a fabric out of hundreds (or millions!), I can just pick something that I have on hand. If there’s not enough of it, I either change my design to use less, or look for another fabric I could also incorporate. Often, my projects have turned out even better than I’d imagined because of new ideas generated by having to “work around” what I had…

    I’m SO thankful for the huge duffel bag of free fabric I got a few years ago, all different types. It was a great base to start from. I’ve added to that by looking through the remnants whenever I visit my local fabric store and seeing if there’s any fabrics there that really “beckon” me. I also routinely look through the clearance fabrics, but usually only when they’re half off (of the already ridiculously low prices) because I’m cheap. I’m often amazed at what I find there!

    Anyway, I try not to go too crazy with “stocking up” — I have a specific area for storing my fabric, and when it’s full, I don’t buy anymore til I’ve used some up.

    And this method also helps me be more free in experimenting. Because so much of my fabric was either free or inexpensive, I’m not as scared to just start cutting into it and see what happens…

    Sorry this got so long! It’s just what came to mind when you said “I guess that’s why I’m not a fabric hoarder.”

  2. i have been loving those new flannels too. they are so cute. great chice on the august feilds as well!

  3. Thanks for doing the nursing cover tutorial! I’ve bought patterns for things but I always get confused on what the heck they mean. You’re tutorials are really easy to follow! Thanks abby, you make life a lot easier for the unsewing sewer… like me. Hope you are feeling okay! Congrats on having another boy!

  4. okay, so I feel like an idiot. I decided to make myself another nursing cover yesterday and thought it would be fun to follow your tutorial and try it out. The tutorial is FABULOUS!! Great job!

    The reason I feel like an idiot is because when you first posted it, I think I made a comment about how if you were to chance anything it would be to add a pocket. Well, come to find out, after reading through your tutorial word for word and not just skimming it and looking at your amazing pictures…you did include that!!!

    Oh abby, you are amazing at writing tutorials, and obviously, I can do better at reading them!

    The cover turned out great and I’m so excited to use it in just 3 more weeks!!

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