New Kitchen Paint

Remember months ago when I mentioned that I wanted to paint my kitchen but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it if we end up moving in a year?

Well, one day about a month later I must have found a burst of energy, and came home from Home Depot with a can of paint. Still being a little nervous to commit to the project, I painted a couple big brush strokes in the middle of the main wall so that I didn’t have an “out” anymore. A little self sabotage always does the trick :).

I used a paint and primer in one, which I’m a huge fan of after using it over both an orange and now these green walls. I was able to cover the green in just one coat, which was great because I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have had the patience for another coat.

The gray I used has a blue tinge to it, which I was hoping for as opposed to green or purple, but is still probably a tad more bluish than I’d want if I were painting any living room areas. It’s not quite as true gray as I would want. But I love it for the kitchen, and how much brighter the kitchen feels now. Living in Seattle, we need all the help we can get!

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  1. Wow, sooo much better! It looks fresh and bright. Although I totally understand your hesitation. I’m in a rent house and have put off painting anything else in the hope that we will be moving in about a year.

  2. Love your space now. What a happy color! Thanks for sharing how just a coat of paint can improve the looks so much!

  3. The whole kitchen has lifted in spirit and what a lovely tidy kitchen it is. I need to paint a few rooms but getting ‘him indoors’ to participate is not easy, so I give up. Maybe I’ll try your approach, so that we have to do it :-) Well done, even if you sell the house now, a fresh coat of paint will help the sale, I’m sure

  4. love it! We painted our whole house, and like you, I totally forced myself to do it by mudding every single room the very first day. Thankfully Erick didn’t get mad =)
    Hey, I have a great friend moving to Seattle this week. What part are you in? Maybe you can teach her to sew, since I promised I’d teach her and never did, and now she’s moving=)
    I miss having friends around like you!

  5. YES! We are in the PNW as well. I have painted many rooms in our rental for that very reason.

    Looks great!

  6. Your kitchen looks happy now! I like the idea of painting big strokes as a way to commit to the project.

  7. I was thinking the green really looked so nice and warm, then realized the blue-grey was the new color. It’s pretty, but cold.

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