Penguin Cloth Bound Classics.

Aren’t these books adorable? Maybe they would make me read more. And by “read more,” I mean “read.” They are Penguin cloth bound classics, and my sister Audy found them when she read this post at Design Sponge. I’ve been meaning to post about them for awhile. The only problem is that they seem to be super hard to find. I can’t find them anymore on either of the links that Design Sponge posted, although my sister was able to find a few that were available to Canada only. I’ll have to ask her where they were, but until then we can all dream about how cute they would look in our living rooms. If any of you find them let me know! The hunt is on…

Update:  Apparently my sister found the books on  She said you have to search by the ISBN to find them though, which is why they’re so tricky to find.  I have also learned that the books are supposedly going to be available in the US in November.  The artist for the covers is Coralie Bickford-Smith.  You can find more info about which classics she has designed covers for here, at the UK Penguin Blog.

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