Ruby Lou Number Two.

I have been SLOWLY working on my pattern for the Ruby Lou doll.  For this second doll I changed a few things, thanks to all your feedback during the giveaway!  I made the hair a bit different so that it would be more durable and a bit more substantial, and also changed the way her body was sewn together.  I also shortened and fattened the arms a bit.  I don’t think I will need to change too much more, I just need to get the actual pattern going now.  When I get close enough, I may be looking for some pattern testers, of all sewing abilities.  Anyone interested?  

This doll is going to a very special little girl, who will remain unnamed for now since I haven’t given it to her yet :).  I still love the braids, but I think I like her hair straight just as much.

I think my favorite part of this doll may be the embroidered initial on her behind.  Hopefully that’s not too much of a clue to who will soon be receiving her!

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  1. She has such a unique look and is absolutely adorable! The special little girl she is going to will be just thrilled! I would also love to be a pattern tester if you need one more.

  2. Hello! As the winner of the first Ruby Lou, I just wanted to let you know that my little girl LOVES her Ruby Lou doll! It’s holding up very well with all of playtime she gets with a two year old!

    Thanks again for that giveaway! Your new creation is darling as well :)

  3. I love the Ruby Lou dolls! I’d be happy to be a pattern tester if/when you need it!! I’m sure my little girl would be happy to test out the doll.

  4. I wish I sewed to test the pattern for you…but alas I do not. She is adorable–even cuter than the one before, which was really cute. Maybe someday your sew much ado will inspire me to really try to sew.

  5. So dang cute…. LOVE IT! I was secretly hooping that it would be fore Callie… but then i saw the K… heheh, one day maybe there will be a abby surprise in the mail?? Just jokeS, you know i luff ya!

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