Ruffle Fabric Flower Headband

I found this tutorial from Ruffle Fabric before Lola was born, and knew it would be perfect to use up some of my ruffle fabric scraps.

I used some pink ruffle fabric, pink tulle, and a gold button that I’ve had in my stash for awhile. The headband itself is made from fold over elastic that I purchased from My Sunshine Supplies on Etsy.

Small confession: I’ve always had a pet peeve of oversized headbands on little girls… I shamefully admit that I’m beginning to have a change of heart. The first of many, I’m sure!

Enjoy your long weekend – anything exciting planned?!

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  1. Yes, she is absolutely stunning! that is funny about headbands. I had the same kind of change of heart. I loved that when I had my baby girls in big headbands I never had to answer the question “is it a boy or girl?” This is a gorgeous headband!

  2. Yay, another big headband convert! I used to dislike them too, but I love them on my daughter!! :) What a gorgeous kiddo you have!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE both your daughter and headband! Just have a quick question… where did you get your ruffled fabric?


  4. Wow your Ruffle Flower headband is simply adorable as the baby looks so sweet wearing this…I hope I will manage to get this anyway!!

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