Celebrate the BOY.

Have you checked out Celebrate the BOY month at MADE and Made By Rae?  We’re only through the first week of February and they’ve already had tons of great tutorials, giveaways, and guest bloggers.  I’ve always made more boyish projects than girlie just because I have two boys (although I’ve recently decided to embrace girlie projects just because it’s fun), so it’s inspiring to see the ideas that come from an entire month of boys.  On this Sunday afternoon, here are my two little boys (even still smiling after over 4 hours of church today — I didn’t take pictures of what happened about 20 minutes later — not quite as cute).


  1. Oh, they are so handsome! I just love them.

  2. So cute!!!!

  3. Such a tender photo! Adorable little guys!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have two of the cutest little boys ever! I love their little sweater vests!

  5. Awww,soooooo cute and adorable!!!

  6. Abby they are so adorable!!!!!!

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