T-Shirt Refashion.

One of my most important sewing goals this year is to do more refashioning. And by more refashioning, I mean refashioning, period. I really haven’t done much in the past, and now that I’ve made my first project, I’m wondering why I didn’t start sooner. It’s so fun, and you get to clean out your closet at the same time!

I had so much fun making this skirt and the little leg warmers. I just want to keep making more!

You’ll have to wait till next week for the skirt tutorial, and the leg warmers tutorial will come soon after that (I’ll admit they’re only half done in the picture, but you don’t need to know that, right?).

…Okay, I feel like I’m hiding something. I have to add that Wyatt deserves both my thanks and my apologies for being my model! I know it’s cruel, but when you have two sons, what’s a girl to do? I can proudly say that he was very uncooperative throughout the whole process, and ripped the skirt and leg warmers off as fast as he could when we were done. It will not happen again. Poor Wyatt, this is definitely going to make it on my family’s annual Christmas slideshow.

Update: You can now find the ruffle skirt tutorial here and the leg warmers tutorial here.

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  1. I had my suspicions about Wyatt being your model. Don’t worry, I won’t judge, I feel your pain! I love the leg warmers

  2. So I was showing Ben the pictures of your cute kiddoes on the post above and then scrolled down to this post. BEfore we could read your last paragraph Ben said, “Hopefully that’s not Wyatt or Weston!” Too funny. I’m sure Joel loves those pictures! I’m anxious to see what you did though because yoru skirt and leg warmers are darling!

  3. LOL on the forcing Wyatt to model!

    LOVE the ruffles.

    I love that you made this from what
    you already have!

    That’s fun, isn’t it?

    I want to go search through my closet and see what I can dig out!

    :) Elaine

  4. that is so cute! i’m totally going to do that with my girls. i have no boys. but it is a cute pic of him:0)

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