Th-th-th-that’s all folks.

My last two bibs are done. I think I like appliqueing with felt the best because it’s so fast and easy compared to minky. Minky is still easy, but takes more time and patience. You won’t have to see another post from me about bibs for a while… I hope. Burp cloths, on the other hand…

p.s. Guess what is funny? By reading this post one would probably think that I’ve just finished making 20 or 30 bibs. The total was actually only 7 (8 if you count my first tie bib), and I started them over a month ago. That’s awkward.

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  1. I love following your blog! You always have cute projects. But more than that, I love your sly remarks that always have me cracking up!

  2. I love the Bib with the car… So cute! Oh and it’s really not so bad that you are just finishing them, I’m still working on a quilt that I started almost 2 years ago! Oh well.

  3. Oh Abby they are so precious. I need one. Is it bad to start collecting things BEFORE you have a baby? I see no shame in it!!

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