DIY If You Can Read This Socks Tutorial

Cricut Iron-on Socks

There’s nothing better than a not-so-subtle subtle message, right? These fun socks are the perfect way to say hint, hint to your favorite person in the most fun way! You can use your Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker (my fav!) and a new fresh pair of socks to make your own DIY If You Can Read This socks, and today I’m sharing a tutorial with all the details on how to do it!

Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks

The text on these socks are made with Cricut iron-on, which is my favorite because it adheres really well and holds up great to washing, which is extra important when you’re putting it on socks.

Below you’ll find the Design Space project that you can use to quickly make a pair (or three!) for yourself and your loved ones! For a fun gift, pair them with a Mermaid Tail Blanket!

Cricut Iron-on SocksCricut Iron-on Socks

Ready to get started?


DIY Cricut Maker Iron-on Socks Tutorial

Pair of white socks – the less texture, the easier the iron-on will adhere
Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 and Cricut Design Space project HERE
Cricut Iron-on – black
Cricut EasyPress 2 or household iron
cardboard: 2 pieces cut to 4×8.5” each (adjust according as instructed below)

  1. Cut piece of cardboard approximately 4×8.5”. This size worked well for these socks, but you can adjust the size as needed – when placed inside the sock sole, the sole should be gently stretched so the sole is flat, without any wrinkles. It works well to measure the width and length of the sock and add 1” to each measurement. Place cardboard in each sock sole. Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks
  2. Use Cricut Design Space project to cut text from iron-on. Be sure to click “mirror” before cutting! Project can be re-sized for different sock sizes as needed. Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks
  3. Weed negative vinyl. Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks
  4. Center iron-on on sole of each sock, and fuse to each sock with EasyPress 2 (this chart is great to refer to to get the correct temperature) or household iron. Carefully peel plastic covering off (re-fuse if any areas of iron-on are not secured well) and cardboard. Cricut Iron-on Socks Cricut Iron-on Socks

Great job! Now that you’ve completed our DIY If You Can Read This Socks Tutorial, package them up and give them to your favorite person (or wear them yourself!)!

Cricut Iron-on Socks

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