A Few Things

A few random things today…

I received a sweet little surprise in the mail the other day.

No, not her… If only she came so easily.

Christie must have read my mind – I was just thinking that I needed some hair clips for Lola.

Headbands always seem to fall down and cover her eyes (I’ll take the blame – headbands have always hurt me to wear, so I think I’ve been making Lola’s a bit too big), and since she has enough hair to hold a clip, it seems like a way better option.

So, in addition to being one of my favorite bloggers, Christie is also one of the most thoughtful and genuine bloggers that I know. Aren’t blogging friends the best?

And speaking of favorite bloggers, I’ve finally got around to updating my “Inspiration” tab on my menu bar. Make sure to take a look and check out all the great blogs! Oh, and if I’ve forgotten any of you who know you should be included, please forgive me, I’m running on half a brain (at best) these days!

One last thing, I’ve also added some new photos of the Lola Bea Diaper Bag – now complete with a real person holding the bag :).

That’s it for today!

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  1. Aren’t we lucky our girls have hair?? Christie IS super sweet,I just love her. She sent us clips too, we love them!

  2. Lola is already changing!! What a sweet pea! It was so fun to see Joel this weekend. I’m hoping we get to see all of you this summer!

  3. That bag looks so gorgeous, I want one and I don’t even need one! Trying to think what I could do with one, maybe a gift for someone special….

  4. I can’t believe your newborn can wear clips in her hair!! My babies are 2 before that happens! She’s so adorable. And your photoshop story cracks me up. :)

  5. Awwwwww she’s just too cute and I am SUPER jealous too. My Granddaughter was born almost 4 months ago now and she still only has a few whisps of hair. :( I would love to have little clips like that but I’d have to clip them to her ear or nose. LOL

    That purse is awesome too.

  6. Ok so I’m an idiot. Sorry I said purse before because I knew it was far too big for that.

    My son and DIL need a diaper bag. Can you believe they bought a really nice Eddie Bauer diaper bag and it fell apart before their baby was even a month old? I couldn’t believe it and they couldn’t take it back since they never keep receipts. I keep thinking I’d like to make them one but am not sure my skills which I’m still relearning from years ago are quite ready for that. I know she’d love it though. You did a great job on that pattern.

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