Flashback Friday: Jessica from Happy Together

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday
Who doesn’t love Jessica from Happy Together?  I knew she was extra cool, and then when I found out I lived in the same city as her last summer, I couldn’t help loving her even more!  Her blog is so upbeat, and she’s always coming up with something new and fun to show us all.  I think you’ll enjoy her flashback today…

Hi everyone :) This is Jessica from Happy Together and today I’m going to take a look back at some of my very first sewing creations. They aren’t from a long time ago, but they do mark the beginning in a new chapter in my life.

Let’s venture back and check out some not so fabulous pictures….

It was only a few years ago I began sewing, about 4 to be exact. I had no idea where it would take me when I began. I initially wanted to make some cute purses and friends.

Purse for my mom

This is one of the first purses I ever made and it was for my mom. I was so proud to give it to her. I remember being frustrated with things, but as I learned, practice and you will get it.

Burdastyle.com Azalea Dress made by me

This is one of the first pieces of clothing I ever made for myself. It was a Burda Style pattern. AGAIN, another huge learning experience. I had never done clothing and was so intimidated. It turned out okay, but I made it a bit small.

My Maid of Honor, Dress by me

Crazy me even thought maybe I could make dresses for my bridesmaids!!!!!! (My maid of honor modeling for me). Of course, I didn’t accomplish this.

Wedding Pictures

I found that it’s a good thing to be over ambitious. You never know what you might accomplish or what you will learn. When it comes to sewing, just go for it!!!! Start small and work your way on up. My work has come a long way and you can see much better work (and photos!) on my blog now :) May this encourage any of you who are thinking about starting a new craft. You gotta start somewhere!

Thanks for letting me share with everyone Abby :).

Thanks Jessica!  Make sure you stop by Happy Together and say hello (and believe me, you’ll want to stay awhile)!

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