A School(girl) Vest

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Who says that vests are only for boys?!

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When I found this floral/polka dot denim (really it’s more of a denim-looking twill) at Jo-Ann recently, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on some of it. Something about it was so 80s, and it reminded me of something I would have worn when I was little. I was in the middle of testing sizes for the Schoolboy Vest Pattern (just released on Friday!), and could totally picture a little girly vest made with it on Lola.

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I have to say, I definitely underestimated the amount that she would love wearing it. It’s still weird to me whenever she has a preference for certain clothes, because my boys never cared much (and still don’t), but I guess that’s one of the fun things about having a girl! We’d already had a couple of tantrums when it’s time to take it off, which I try to just consider as a compliment :).

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She loves the little welt pockets, which are the perfect size for her hands to hide in. The pattern has the option for both welt and faux welt pockets, but I think the real welt pockets are worth the extra effort! They come together much faster than you’d think, and are the perfect place to stash little toys and goodies.

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With this vest, I left off the back ties, and instead added a back center seam. It actually wasn’t on purpose to begin with, but was definitely a happy accident, and I think it adds to the 80s vibe.

IMG_6514edit 732Hope you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Ah, I love it! She’s so adorable in it. The shape of the vest and buttons down the front are so perfect.

    1. Thanks Renee! I am addicted to those metal buttons, I’ve been using them on every project I can, lol!

  2. That is just darling, as is the sweet little model! And pockets!! Everything should have pockets, in my opinion. :-) I love vests and wear them all winter. Just another layer to keep out the cold.

  3. That is some sweetness right there!
    I made a pair of jeans for my girl in that same fabric! Like minds, you know:)

  4. I was considering Project Modern too. I’m not sure if I’d be coeerdnisd a modern quilter, or if I could actually make teh bed quilt I have in my mind in time to be in teh drawing, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. I may join you. Regardless, I like your skinny likes around the rainbow boxes. My default is to go to the plain red, but the polka dot one looks darn good too.

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