My Super Why.

You know how kids shows can be either super annoying or super cute?  Well I think that “Super Why” is super cute (and educational, which is also super).  It could have something to do with the fact that Super Why’s real name is Wyatt when he’s not finding the “super story answers” in books.  I think I’d like it even if it were annoying (which it’s totally not).

My lovely sister Angie (not to be confused with my SIL Angie) made all the little boy cousins in my family super hero capes.  We got it in the mail the other day and it’s so cute!  Way cuter than what I would have made him myself, that’s for sure.

She ended up using a ton of blue fabric that my Grandma Doreen had in her stash (which her daughters have been trying to make her get rid of – she’ll really want to keep all her fabric now that some of it had a use!).  It was the perfect fabric for capes.

My favorite part is the appliqued felt “W”.  She put each boy’s initial on his cape.

Wyatt has been having fun playing with it.  He’s catching on to all the great things that super heros can do, like running really fast…

Jumping off of tall objects (usually he likes to ride his bike down the slide so I guess jumping off it is one step up on the safety scale)…

Swinging really high…

And looking extra cute when he’s pretending to pout (okay, so maybe I didn’t have to teach him that one)…

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  1. My son wears his Superhero Cape full-time! ;) I love watching him run around in it. I made my nephew one as well and together they make the cutest superhero duo! ;)

    Love the pictures, your little man is adorable.

  2. a great s how! My son and daughter (4 and 2) go run grab their capes and spin around and put them on at just the right time. It’s hilarious :)

  3. Yes! I have caught myself singing “He’s the guy, he’s Super Why!” many times…my girls LOVE that show. If you go onto it has all the songs!

  4. My daughters love that show too (3 & 1)!! They always dance when they sing the song at the end “hip hip hooray, the super readers saved the day!” It seriously cracks me up!

  5. We’re fans of Super Why too ;) Those capes are way fun! I think I see those in my future!

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