A Very Go To Christmas: Skinny Jeans Pattern Review

When Andrea asked me to be a part of A Very Go To Christmas and review one of the many patterns available at Go To Patterns, I knew exactly which pattern I wanted to review. I had been itching to make Peekaboo Pattern’s Skinny Jeans, and was excited to finally have an excuse.

One worry that I think a lot of us share in sewing pants, especially jeans, is that they will look “homemade” (which us sew-ers know is very different than “handmade,” right?), but with Amy’s pattern you can erase that fear.

This pattern has such a great fit. Seriously. It’s definitely my favorite thing about the pattern, and the reason why I’ll be using it again and again. And the fact that it’s a unisex pattern, makes it even better. To be able to make Wyatt, Weston, and Lola (in a few months when she’s a bit bigger) pants out of the same pattern is pretty great. 

I was really happy with the sizing, which is always tricky. I didn’t need to make any adjustments at all. Wyatt turned 5 in September, and these pants fit him really simliarly to all of his size 5 jeans.


I really love all the details that the pattern offers. From an adjustable elastic waistband option…Photobucket  To a mini front pocket…

To a button front and faux fly (which I re-stitched four, yes FOUR times to get perfect)…
The details in the pattern definitely do not lack.
I thought it would be fun to add some camo for the pocket lining. I figured it was insurance in case my husband thought skinny jeans were too girly for Wyatt :).Photobucket
The pattern recommends to use stretch bottomweights, so I used a stretch twill. JoAnn actually has a great selection of stretch twill in fun colors. It was really nice to sew with, and is really comfortable for Wyatt to run, jump, and play in. Perfect for my not-so-little boy on the go.

 Lately I wonder how he’s grown up so fast.Photobucket

Well, sometimes.


The instructions and photos in the pattern were very clear, even when I printed them in black and white. The pattern pieces were also easy to assemble, and overall it was a really fun pattern to follow! But the most important question… Does Wyatt like them?



I think that’s a yes!

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{Although I received a free Skinny Jeans Pattern, I was in no other way compensated, and all opinions are completely genuine!}

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  1. Wow!!! Those skinny jeans don’t look homemade or handmade. Great sewing and very inspirational. Thanks for the pattern review.

  2. Those skinny jeans are really nice! There are a lot of really nice patterns there – would love to win some patterns now write before Christmas!

  3. What cute jeans! And such a handsome model! I don’t know if I could use that pattern and do it justice yet, but of course you did an amazing job!

  4. I love how they turned out! Making jeans seems intimidating but starting out with a kids’ pattern seems more doable.

  5. You did awesome! Look just like store bought and its great you son loves them too. I’m a beginner so this type of pattern seems like too much for me to handle right now..

  6. those look great! I have that pattern and love it too – and that things dn’t look homemade using it :)

  7. I love the looks here. It is always such a great feeling when someone compliments you on something you made for your child.

  8. I love the color of the fabric and the fact that the pattern allows for boys and girls! It’s hard to find a cute boys pant pattern out there! Great job on them. I hope I can get a pattern of my own to try out for both kids!!

  9. Wow!! Those pants turned out great! I can totally see them in a hot pink or fun pop of color for my daughter and a similar color that you used for my son. What a great pattern!! You’ve gotta love a unisex pattern that’s actually flattering on kids!

  10. Those jeans are amazing! I mean, they are so professionally done! I thought for a moment that I could make these, but then I saw the close-up of the pocket and the waist and I was like, Um, no. I need more practice to get to that point. (Wish I was there though!) You did such an awesome job!!

  11. I really love this pattern! I bought it a little while ago and since it’s summer here I’ve been making Vincent skinny jean shorts in bright colours. LOVE this pattern!

  12. How have I been blogging for all this time and haven’t even been to your blog? SO bizarre! I have a little boy, too, and I’ve been wanting to try some cool pants for him! This will move to closer to the top of my list seeing your version! Thanks!

  13. I love the jeans. I wish that I had known ahead of time how much i would love the jeans. I recently bought a different skinny jeans pattern. I may have to buy this one too.

  14. What a fun color for pants. I love that you hid a little manly fabric in the pockets!

  15. Wow Abby! These are so STYLISh and WELL MADe. You did an awesome job on those details. They look like they are from a really expensive boutique!

  16. Those pants are great. Not sure I’m brave enough for that kind of project but with a little boy I might have to do something other than skirts and PJ’s now!!

  17. Oh Abby, he is so cute! And these jeans are amazing! You did an awesome job with this pattern… it makes me want to try them, although I’m a bit intimidated by all of the details! My guys would grow out of them before I was finished making them! Ha ha ha!

  18. I love the color and look of your pants! Great job! I have been wanting to try making some pants for our Little Man, but have been too intimidated. Your post makes me really want to give it a go!

  19. I LOVE the photography, the place chosen to photo, the young mans ability to bring it for the camera!! Oh, and I also love those pants! So much thought going into them to make them BOYS pants!!! Very creative w/ the pants, photos, etc! Nicely done in every aspect of this post!
    [email protected]

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