Flashback Friday: Shauna from Shwin & Shwin

Welcome to Flashback Friday! Today we welcome none other than Shauna from Shwin & Shwin. In addition to blogging, Shauna is an incredibly talented pattern designer, whose creations are the perfect mix of modern and classic. I’m dying to make Lola a Maggie Mae Tunic… and dress :).

Shauna has two adorable kids, Jude and Abbey (any fan of The Beatles is a friend of mine), and is due with her third right away! She amazes me with all that she accomplishes, all while being as sweet as pie. I’m so happy to have her with us today!

Hello Sew Much Ado readers! My name is Shauna and I blog over at Shwin&Shwin. I was really excited when Abby contacted me about Flashback Fridays! 1: Awesome series I love the idea of going through the old. 2: I just inherited a box full of items from my Grampat. Most unfinished with needles still in them. It was the perfect time to go through the box and stroll down memory lane.

This is my dear sweet Grampat. (in 2007) She passed away in 2009 from ALS. The woman was amazing in a million ways but she was truly gifted at the craft of applique. If I could have an ounce of her talent, or patience, when it comes to applique I would love it. She made the most detailed and beautiful wall hangings, blankets, and in this one particular box, denim jumpers.

There were about 10 denim jumpers, some finished, some missing buttons, some only started. Not only did this remind me of my own state of unfinished and half started projects, but many of these were old, time faded, and likely been in a box for decades. The detail work blows me away, as I imagine her sitting at the machine and stitching every line in the the webbed feet, the gills on the fish, and the feather markings on the Pelican. The classic A line style jumper is something that will never go out of style.

It was fun pulling out the jumpers and finding some that fit Abbey. As an animal lover she was thrilled to have some cute little animals on her jumper.

The jumpers are so easily styled in a more modern way, so be a cool twist to the very styles I sported as kid. Maybe one of these days I will even get up the guts to try and finish some of the ones that were started. For now I can’t wait til Abbey is old enough to fit into the L for Llama, which was made with faux fur, it may be my favorite :)

Thanks so much Abby for having me, it was fun, and emotional to go through the work of my Grampat, but I loved every min. of it.

Thank you for joining us, Shauna! Aren’t those jumpers just adorable? And styled so cute (although I doubt anything could look less than cute on Abbey). Make sure to stop in and visit Shwin & Shwin! I have to say that I’ve been so appreciate of all those who’ve shared their flashbacks with us thus far. Isn’t it fun to get a glimpse into each other’s pasts?
Oh, and I know it’s a rare occurance, but we have two posts today, so make sure to also check out my pattern review of Peekaboo Pattern’s Skinny Jeans and a giveaway from Go To Patterns!

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