Angie’s Home Tour: Part 2

Some time ago I had the pleasure of sharing Part 1 of my SIL Angie’s home tour with you, and today I get to share Part 2 with you! I guess I should mention that it’s my brother’s home as well, but Angie is the mastermind behind all of the decor, so we’ll give her the credit today :).

First, a quick sneak peek of their master bedroom. Angie’s still working on finishing up some things in it, but I think it’s pretty gorgeous already…


Okay, let’s move on to my nieces’ bedroom. First, little Greta’s side of the room.





It makes me smile to see that the Ruby Lou Dolls that Angie made years ago are still going strong.



Butterflies are so classic and feminine, and I love how Angie framed these pretties.


The dainty chandelier is such a perfect touch, and I’m sure Scarlett loves sleeping under it.


With all the white, grey, and modern décor, Angie always knows just where and how to mix in classic pieces like this dresser. I love the artwork attached with washi tape too.



And, of course, some great book storage on the wall.


One more room to share for today, my nephews’ room. Angie is what you could consider the ultimate “fun mom,” and it amazes me that she can be that and still have such a beautiful and organized house at the same time. You can see that she’s particular in her tastes, but everything is still practical and kid friendly throughout her house. A perfect combo that I wish I could achieve (but likely never will)!


Look closely and you can see the faux white brick wallpaper on the window wall, which may be my favorite thing about the room.



It goes perfectly with the subtle grey stripes on the adjacent walls.



More book storage and lots of room to play with cars…


I have to mention that the cute red car on the dresser and in the photo above was made out of a hockey stick by my 91 year old grandpa. And not when he was younger, in the last year or two! He has not let his age slow him down, and my boys are lucky enough to have “Grandpa Reid cars” too. My Grandma and Grandpa have over 80 great grandchildren now (seriously), and the great grandsons all get a car when they go for a visit.


Hope you enjoyed the tour, have a great day!

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