Hattie Jane


If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@sewmuchado), you may have been wondering if I’m still pregnant :). Thankfully, I’m not! Our little Hattie Jane was born near the end of March, and we’ve been enjoying soaking up newborn love and snuggles.


To answer the question that I seem to be asked the most, no, I didn’t have heartburn at all during my pregnancy. But heartburn or not, she definitely has a lot of hair, which has a mind of it’s own most days :).


She has been a dream of a baby so far, and even lets me get a little sleep at night. Oh, and in the background of these photos, you can see a peek of a project I’ll be sharing very soon!

IMG_6788edit matte732

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  1. Congratulations, she’s adorable!! I’ve never seen that much hair on a newborn and I love it!

  2. Oh that hair!!! She is so beautiful Congrats on such a lovely addition to your family.
    I love the name as well!

  3. OH MY BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope my little girl is half as cute as Hattie, I’ll be so happy! I have never seen that much hair, I am just so thrilled! Congrats, I hope you are feeling well!

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl – love her name – and that hair!!! <3 Enjoy her :)

  5. what a doll! so excited for you. And yay Hattie for a little sleep! I love her hair. Natalie was born with a ton of hair like that, after a while it stood straight up on it’s own. Luckily she has the most gorgeous hair now. :)

  6. A lovely photo share of your new little one. Looks like you have a curly head to cuddle. What a special time for you, with a newborn to love and care for. I love your blog. I follow you on bloglovin.
    Let the baby take the lead for now. enjoy every moment. from an old grandma, Catherine in NM

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  8. Oh Wow! Congratulations. There seems to be quite the baby boom going on right now. I’m going to live vicariously–so thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

  9. Wow, she is amazing!
    And her hair….LOVE IT!
    I adore the name you chose for her <3

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing pics!

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