Another Ruffly Quilt

I showed you my first attempt at stippling and free motion quilting last week, and now get to show you the finished product! I needed to make a new sample for our Gathers & Giggles Quilt Pattern, and this is what I came up with. I don’t know when I’ll get over my purple infatuation (ex. here and here), but I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon.
For the front of the quilt I used both Kate Spain’s Central Park and Anthology’s High Society lines. The backing is a fabric from Central Park. Sometimes I feel guilty for mixing different designers, but they went together so well that I couldn’t resist, and now I’m so happy with how it turned out!
After I finish a quilt it seems like I spend the next two weeks folding it and refolding it, and refolding it again, even if it just goes right back to sitting on my table. I’m not sure why it’s so fun to fold new quilts, but it is! Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way. Or at least tell me you have a weirder obsession to make me feel better about myself, that would work, too :).

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  1. So beautiful, I was excited to see the finished product and I was not dissapointed! I love it! Thats it, I cannot resist any longer, I am buying the quilt pattern RIGHT NOW. It would be so perfect for my baby girl’s room. So girly! I was going to do an appliqued quilt for her and had started it and everything, but then once I met her I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. The quilt I was doing was funky, which suited my first daughter, but my second seems to be more suited to softer stuff. This would be perfect!

  2. Super, super, super pretty! Love the ruffles. I just called my mom over to see it and she loves it too – gonna have to get that pattern. Great stuff!

  3. Wow… that is all I can say… wow!!! I absolutely love the colors that you used in this beautiful quilt.

  4. Awesome! There is nothing wrong with purple or with mixing different designers! The result is great and I completely understand you folding the quilt over and again. Just the feeling of a new quilt is something magical, don’t you think?

  5. I love the gathers, so pretty, and purple is so fun! I have 4 boys so never get to do pretty stuff, maybe my hubby would let us have ruffles and gathers on our bed :)

  6. Very Pretty! Love the colors! Beautiful Quilt! Just wish I had a girl so I could have those colors too… My boys wouldn’t like them… :)

  7. That’s really pretty. I love the colors. I machine quilt, but only small stuff, and nothing too complicted. I really want to take the time to learn stippling. Maybe this will be my motivation. And, I also love folding quilts!

  8. So beautiful! I love to sew but have not attempted quilting yet (except for doll quilts when i was young that I don’t feel really count). I would definitely be folding and unfolding that quilt again and again as well!

  9. I am so not a quilt girl, but this – this speaks to me. I am LOVE. The colors, the ruffle, the design. It is GORGEOUS!!!!

  10. Just beautiful. I just LOVE that quilt so much. And purple is my favorite color so that makes me want this quilt even more.

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