Stippling – A First!

I hate to say this, but I finally gave stippling a try for the first time! I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time, but as with so many things in my life, never got around to it. It was really fun to learn, and probably good that I started on a baby sized quilt rather than anything large. My skills (if you could call them that), are far from perfect, and I of course had to use my seam ripper in a couple of areas, but overall I’m really excited that I finally took the plunge.

Let me correct that. I was not excited when I finally had my quilt spray basted together and ready to quilt at 10pm the other night and realized I had ordered the wrong foot online. I ordered it months ago and never bothered to open the packaging. Luckily a little local shop had a generic darning foot that fit my machine that I was able to get to replace the even feed foot that I had purchased :). I guess eventually they’ll both get a lot of use, right?!

I finished the binding on this little quilt tonight, will show more of it once I can get a pic in daylight!

Do you do your own machine quilting? Any thoughts? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I JUST started my own stippling/free hand quilting a couple of nights ago. It’s for a twin sized quilt and I am so pleased with how forgiving it is and also how FAST it is! YOurs looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt.

  2. I stipple all my quits with a meandering stitch. I tried to do loops once and they didn’t come out so well. I think I need to try again and slow down. With meandering, I go so fast, but with the loops, I think I need to get the technique down, first.

  3. Congratulations on taking the plunge! I do all of my own quilting (because I am way too cheap to let anyone else do it!) either on my domestic machine or on my sister’s longarm. The more you quilt, the more confident you will become. I think your stitches look good and the meandering is rhythmic. Great first attempt!!

  4. I stipple and sometimes use parallel lines or decorative stitches. I’m hoping to shoot a video blog post on Sunday about how to do different shipping techniques for beginners who are nervous.
    Your stippling looks adorable, and good for you taking the plunge! That quilt looks lovely!

  5. I have yet to try free motion but it’s on my to-do-soon list. I usually pop in my even feed foot and do basic grid quilting…
    I like the way yours turned out. And yes–you will get your money’s worth from the even feed foot :)

  6. I love the ruffles you created on it. Great idea. I just took 5 seconds out of making my first quilt as well to check my bloggers. Congrats on just jumpin in and finally doing it!!!! Way to go! Keep up the good work! now, if only i can get mine to turn out as good as your first one! :)

  7. The stippling looks great and I love the gathering in the block next to it. Can’ wait to see the whole thing. I do my own machine quilting… it’s slowly becoming my favorite part of the process.

  8. What a great little quilt! No one will notice if you stuttered a little, I promise. And practice, practice is all I can tell you. You’re off to a great start!

  9. Yay! I do my own quilting, but only stippling, with a few random experiments here and there :). Someday, when I actually tackle a large quilt, I will have someone else do it. It is just so much money!!

  10. Stippling is fun, and hard! But I was taught to quilt by a friend who said why get that far and not finish it yourself! Plus it saves so much money! Your first attempt looks way better than my first attempt, but I am getting better!

  11. I’ve always done my own quilting (but I’ve never made anything larger than a lap quilt) My first attempts were really shaky, but now I love it! Your quilt looks great, your stitches are nice and even! (I don’t think my first quilt looked that good…)

  12. are you wearing latex gloves? I can’t quilt without them, it helps you grip the quilt better so you can glide and move the quilt smoothly. They are a must have for me. Great JOb!

  13. At first I found stippling quite intimidating. But it is just a matter of trying and practising a lot. Your work looks great, I’m curious about the whole quilt.

  14. I just dipped my toe in the pool, so to speak, and, because I didn’t have the right foot for my machine, I went footless and almost ran over my hand several times! I thought I must have looked like Lucy Ricardo in an old I Love Lucy rerun! It was very freeing and just a little scary(which made it fun). Your quilt looks awesome-great job! Do I see some of that wonderful shirring you taught us? I LOVE that technique.

  15. Beautiful!! I started free-motion quilting about a year ago, inspired by the great directions over at Oh, Fransson!.

    Your quilt looks fabulous!!

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