Aprons for Quilt Market

I was thrilled when Moda / United Notions recently picked up all three of my patterns, and even more thrilled when I was asked if I would make a couple of samples of my Mommy & Mia Apron for their booth at Quilt Market in May. They sent me fabric from Sweetwater’s yet-to-be-released line, Hometown, and I was drooling from the moment I opened the package.  

I love the fabric on the main body of the women’s sized apron — it’s the design that the rest of the fabrics were based around, and is definitely my favorite. Can you believe they put about 1000 different hometowns on the fabric? I have to admit it was fun to see how many places I had been or lived in… although I lost count pretty fast :).

The fabric itself is obviously a great quality as all of Moda’s fabrics are, and has a lovely soft feeling to it.

And as hard as I’ve tried to stop making Wyatt model girlie projects, I had to make an exception for the girls’ sized version.

The red in Hometown is such a great color. It’s not to bright and cherry-red, but it’s a luscious deep red that’s really warm.
Along with the red and cream, Hometown will also be available in blue, grey and yellow! I already have a project in mind for the blue and grey…
Photo courtesy of Sweetwater

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Ooh, seriously, this is gonna be bad.

And speaking of Market, will I get to see any of you there? I’m so glad it’s in Salt Lake this year — as a new designer I’ve never been before, and I feel so lucky that it happens to be so close!

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  1. love these!! and those fabrics, wow, of course I love anything with text on it and sweetwater always seems to fill that need. :) I wish I could come to quilt market! You’ll have so much fun!

  2. Gorgeous apron designs! And OHHH those fabrics!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the blue.

  3. The apron looks beautiful! I was looking at Hometown last night and the wheels were turning…

    Congrats on Moda picking up your patterns! Have fun at Market!!

  4. Beautiful!! Jealous that you get to go to market! Congrats on being picked up by Moda. Very exciting!!

  5. it’s fun to see many places in your apron, and can’t believe that it’s over 1000 different places, how cool.

  6. I love this apron. Email me and I’ll order some for my Oct quilt show. I can’t go to Market. :(

  7. Duh, nevermind. I reread your post. I’ll keep my eye out on their site. Absolutely love the red!

  8. Oh my gosh! The aprons are even more awesome with that fabric. I especially love the reds as well! What a beautiful color of red. Wow. I bet finding that fabric might be a challenge from day 1 because it’s going to be a huge hit.

  9. Wow! I love these aprons!!! You did such a great job and we are so glad that Moda sent you our fabric to use! Keep up the good work!

    Susan – Sweetwater

  10. I found your blog by Googling Hometown/Sweetwater…I am so excited about this line from them and love, love your apron. I wish I was at market! Lisa in Texas

  11. I love that fabric so much. It is so fun to see how the aprons have a different character each time you change the fabric (I can’t decide which is my favorite, because they are all so cute). I guess that’s the fun of sewing!

  12. Congratulations Abby! I am so proud of you.. I wish we lived near each other again. I miss you

  13. ok so I am WAY behind on my feed reader – although this is literally the last post I am reading to catch up – but CONGRATS! That is so exciting, I’m so happy for you!

  14. What a nice apron! I have to say I’m fascinated with this design. Last night I was sewing an apron for my mom, due to the fact mother’s day is so close, and I wanted to give her one, but I had some doubts about little details of it. After check your blog out I achieved to answer to myself all questions I have about my own creation. So,thanks for tips and for this fabulous post.

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