Bedroom Curtains

Last week I got back to Washington after spending a few weeks visiting my family in Canada. Joel stayed home to work and my mom helped me drive with the kids, and we had a great time. It was nice to relax without a busy schedule like we usually face when we visit during holidays, and have time to hang out with my friends and family.

Lola even got tricked into her first hair cut. I think my mom has given all my kids their first hair cuts, and she couldn’t wait to get her scissors on Lola’s hair, hehe!
You know you love to sew when you’re itching to do it even while on vacation. I helped a couple of my sisters with some sewing projects while I was there, and by “helped,” I’m being generous :). Actually I think they would have helped more if I would have let them. I’m kind of a one-woman show when it comes to sewing, but I did let Ada do the pressing for me. How lucky for her.
Ada’s working on decorating her master bedroom, and after seeing my SIL Angie’s house (which I’m dying to show you a tour of, hint, hint, Ang), she finally decided on some fabric for curtains. She’s as indecisive as I am, but I think this Ikea fabric is beautiful. I may be using it for curtains of my own soon :).

The curtains themselves are super simple. You really can’t get any easier of a project. I just hemmed each side, and made a wide casing at the top for the rod to slide through.
Next I added a nice thick hem, which adds a little weight to the bottom of the curtains and helps them hang nicely. We let the curtains hang for a couple of days before hemming, as I’ve noticed that Ikea fabric can tend to stretch a bit from it’s own weight after hanging.

Her next step is to get something on the walls, and I think I’ve talked her into painting her bed as well. I think she should do an antique white, and maybe add a glaze? What do you think? What would you do to update the furniture?

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  1. So you took a working vacation then, I wonder if you can write it off for taxes? ;) That is a nice fabric for the curtains! Here in Winnipeg we have our Ikea opening in about a month, I’m so excited! I could actually get that fabric, live and in person! I mean, I’d have to fight through hordes of excited people to get it. But theoretically!

  2. they look great abby, and ada! yes, that bed needs to be white!
    i will work on giving you a little tour of my house soon…maybe we can start with just the main floor?

  3. I think a deep Espresso finish would really be nice with those curtains. That is really pretty fabric. A pair of black & white photos above the bed would be amazing. :-)

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