Black Friday Pattern Sale – 50% Off!

Alright ladies, since I have no motivation to leave my house during Black Friday this year, I thought I’d bring a sale to you all instead!

For a very short time, you can go here and purchase Sew Much Ado PDF Patterns for 50% off with code THANKS50! Sale has ended, thanks to all who took advantage!

Note: The link will take you over to my Etsy shop, where the discount code will work. Didn’t know I had an Etsy shop? Haha, I originally listed my first pattern with Etsy, but soon brought it and my subsequent patterns home to my blog. I left my Etsy shop open for cases like this, where discount codes can be used. If you try to purchase patterns through this blog rather than Etsy, there won’t be an option to enter the code.

This is a perfect time to get a great deal on some patterns, and just in time to make some handmade gifts for Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you live in the US!) and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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